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    Base Classes

    Rulemaker - Reality-warping class which, rather than using spells, simply enforces rules upon the universe itself.
    Rules I
    Rules II
    Soul Warrior - A warrior class with two-handed weapon combat styles, power word SLAs, rage, and a fear aura
    Dragonsoul Champion - A monk/dragon shaman hybrid, essentially, focusing on the inner strength of dragons rather than flash and fire
    Feychild - Get some fairy godmothers, learn to cast magic like a fey, and eventually become one.

    Prestige Classes

    Mongrel Paragon - Racial paragon class for the mongrel
    Beholderkin Slavemaster - A prestige class that lets you control beholders
    Reborn - Slowly lose your body and mind, adapting to survive such a tortured existence, before being reborn as a new type of creature
    Multiplier - Split like an ooze at first, turn into a swarm at will later on

    Creatures and Templates

    Basal Golem - Based on a second-hand description of a creature from an old AD&D licensed computer game
    Hybrid Template - Combine your two favorite creatures into one!


    Stone Tomb - Hostile version of meld into stone
    Embody Aura, Home Turf - Shape your environment to your alignment
    Mind Eraser - Mindrape meets modify memory
    Paperize - Turn a creature into paper
    Reactive Panacea - Contingent restoration/healing
    Excommunicate - Sever a divine caster's connection to their god
    Sickness Bomb, Patient Zero - Conjure disease grenades, and then use them to fuel an epidemic
    Encase - Trap a creature inside a thin, fleshy membrane
    Blades of Glory, Lesser Keen Edge, Eruptive Phlebotomy, Clean Cut, Hack Surgery - Various spells with a razor blade as a material component


    Deity creature types and templates
    Alternate Pact Magic / Truenaming system
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