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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaydos View Post
    42 Shards of Iz

    A legendary greatsword once wielded by the War Prophet from whom it took its name, the sword Iz was broken in battle with the archfiend Bel. Shattered into 42 pieces each of these shards was implanted into a cestus. These cestuses may be worn as magical gloves (taking up the glove slot). If worn thus they grant bonuses to a creature's unarmed strikes as if those unarmed strikes were enchanted with the enhancement bonus and weapon properties associated with that cestus. As each cestus is a single glove a second one can be worn, in which case the wearer may switch which one is active each round as a move action.

    The 42 cestuses and the magic weapon properties they emulate are listed below, the odd numbered cestuses being for the left hand, the even for the right.
    1. +1 Outsider (Chaotic) Bane Banishing
    2. +2 Axiomatic
    3. +3 Defending
    4. +2 Acidic Burst
    5. +2 Flaming Burst
    6. +2 Icy Burst
    7. +2 Shocking Burst
    8. +2 Collision
    9. +2 Desiccating Burst
    10. +2 Paralytic Burst
    11. +2 Wounding
    12. +3 Warning
    13. +1 Screaming Burst Stunning
    14. +2 Psychokinetic Burst
    15. +2 Blindsight
    16. +1 Speed
    17. +1 Ethereal Reaver
    18. +2 Mindcrusher
    19. +2 Psibane
    20. +2 Transmuting
    21. +2 Sacred Burst
    22. +3 Merciful
    23. +2 Impact Maiming
    24. +1 Ghost Strike Undead Bane
    25. +2 Greater Dispelling
    26. +3 Vicious
    27. +2 Banishing
    28. +2 Consumptive
    29. +2 Vampiric
    30. +1 Necrotic Focus
    31. +1 Body Feeder
    32. +1 Curse Spewing
    33. +2 Impedance
    34. +2 Energy Aura
    35. +2 Doom Burst
    36. +1 Illusion Theft
    37. +1 Incorporeal Binding Undead Bane
    38. +3 Magebane
    39. +3 Revealing
    40. +3 Lucky
    41. +2 Dragondoom Dragonbane
    42. +4 Weapon

    If all 42 cestuses were brought together their shards could be removed and reforged to recreate the Sword of Iz. This greatsword would function as a magic weapon with a total effective enhancement bonus of +10. The actual properties of the weapon would be any combination of those which the shards could grant, with anywhere from +1 to +4 enhancement bonus and +9 to +6 in weapon properties. These properties could be changed as a move action each round. Its caster level for all effects is considered to be 25, and any dispel effect functions as Greater Dispel Magic instead of as Dispel Magic. In addition in the hands of a monk the sword's true prowess would be revealed. A monk is considered proficient in the sword of Iz even if they are not normally proficient in Greatswords, may treat it as a special monk weapon, and may add their base unarmed damage as if a medium sized monk to its weapon damage.

    The 42 shards of Iz are each a piece of a major artifact, and the precise means to destroy each shard is unknown. If it is reforged the Sword of Iz can only be broken into 42 shards if sundered by a pit fiend, then these shards must be individually disposed of.
    I really like the concept behind this one. One could more tightly define the merged result, though that does take away a bit of the mystery, which is part of the point as far as I can see. The various alignment-based, Bane and Burst enhancements probably would merge/overlap, though, but even without any ones that would overlap you have at least +24 worth of enhancements to pick and choose from.

    (Oh, and because I quite enjoy these things, Morph Bark hereby grants permission).
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