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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Deities... again.

    K, so here is the deity that snowbluff wanted. Would have got it done sooner, but then there was that sleep thing that snuck up on me early. Then i had to review a report. Then i had to somehow become inspired again. Also, couldn't bring myself to trim down the domains.

    Yukika-senpai (雪神)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Rank: Greater Deity
    Domains: Chaos, Domination, Lust, Madness, Passion, Planning, Suffering, Winter
    Symbol: A chainsaw
    Favored Weapon: Heavy Poleaxe
    Portfolio: Tsudrere, Yandere, People who act in a way that doesn't match up with their action to sane people, Thread derailment (or is it?), Snow

    "READ THE LINKS!... but only if you really want... i-it's fine if you don't..."

    Backstory: Yukika-senpai's origins are mysterious. No one knows where she came from. One day she was there and everyone just assumed she had always been there. She just gives off an aura that says she was there first.

    She often makes creative events where people can create things for other people, probably to get some stuff for herself. She has great stalking skills, and if she gets fixated on you, you are probably just at her mercy.

    She also regularly tortures Izfort and records new screams to play when she sleeps. For whatever reason Izfort doesn't seem to have any godly powers in these situations but cannot be permanently destroyed from it. Possibly because Yukika-senpai is still interested in his screams.

    Pantheon: Snowbluff pantheon.

    Relations: For some reason the pantheon of people with a ritually implanted heat sink rod accept Yukika-senpai without a second thought. Potentially aligning with the forces of Loyal against the forces of Fel, but this is uncertain. Izfort is a torture toy/plaything.

    Notes: Gladly accepts the killing of IZ42 and clerics of Izfort as sacrifices.

    Clergy: Any as long as they are interesting or wholly devoted.

    I am not entirely certain what i just wrote.
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