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    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas View Post
    As I recall, the Word was based on a severe misinterpretation of Ur-Priest caster level plus stacking Ioun Stones which shouldn't work either. And the Wish, well, there's a reason the spell duplication item pricing guidelines are guidelines rather than rules.
    I don't remember how it was written in the OP about them, but the Wish doesn't need any items beyond either a Candle of Invocation or a Scroll of Shapechange. Once you get that single XP-free Wish, everything else is unlimited.

    If you mean that the ring of unlimited wishing couldn't exist for any price - it is technically outside any official item, yes. That doesn't really change the concept though, just makes it less aesthetic. Sticking to 100% RAW items, not even custom staffs, what you need is:
    1) Scroll of 1000x Time Stop
    2) Scroll of 1000x Wish, each Wish has, say, 1 googol XP invested in it.
    3) Scroll of 1x Shapechange.

    When you want to Wish for one or more things, you cast Time Stop (multiple times if needed), and while inside your Time Stop you cast Wish from the scroll, Wishing for Crafted Contingent Wish spells (each with about 1/5th of a googol XP). Then you resume time, set off all the desired Wishes as a free action, and go about your business. When the first two scrolls run dry, you use the Shapechange one to refresh everything.

    Edit: Whoops, I guess I'm the necromancer this time. Opened this from another thread and missed the date.
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