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His Royal Bardness, illyahr, gives his permission. I can't wait to see what the Playground comes up with for me.
Illyahr, Lord of Lyres
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: Intermediate Deity
Domains: Passion, Magic, Trickery, Chaos
Symbol: A Golden Harp with Leathery(Draconic or Fiendish) wings
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Beliefs: Illyahr is a proponent of following your instincts. No barmaid is too pretty, and no Dragon too terrifying for his followers. Most of his clerics are of the cloistered variety, but take to adventure with gusto. No task is too mad, no quest too impossible, and so long as the slightest chance of success exists, there shall be a Lyric waiting to try it.

Holidays: The Lyrics have several holidays, but are most often seen reveling on the holidays of other religions.

Divine Relations: Olidammara has been known to enjoy Illyahr's company on adventures. And Lolth is a common target for Illyahr's shenanigans But Illyahr's greatest and longest standing divine connection remains with Boccob. Where the uncarring god is dedicated to the study of magic, Illyahr is dedicated to the application of magic. The two often quarrel as a result, although each has earned the other's grudging respect.

Champions and Allies: Most of Illyahr's champions are high level bards with maximum ranks in bluff and diplomacy, Their skills are more often dedicated to defusing a threat than to defeating it outright. Sorcerers and Illusionists are also common. Illyahr's planar allies range from Eladrin to Tana'r'i, and are often selected by the god himself for the caster at hand.

Illyahr makes his home in Pandemonium, and in his divine realm the maddening winds are often twisted into a fiery bolero or rousing riff. The maddening effect persists, but every minute each creature must roll a will save or become either fascinated(01-50) or enraged(51-00). This affect is rolled seperately for each creature. Three succesful saves in a row prevents the need for a new save for 1d4 hour(s).