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    I see a lot more interested people have cropped up. Good. As you throw around character ideas, try to at some point gather them into a coherent character sheet. I'll put a link to every character sheet to the first post of OOC. Maybe once we have enough we can make a specific registry thread for them. Here's an empty character sheet for you to copy and fill:

    Empty character template:

    <Your character's name here>

    Age: Exact number or rough estimation.
    Gender: Male, female, etc.
    Height: Centimeters and/or feet and inches.
    Weight: Kilograms and/or pounds.
    Species: What kind of creature your character is?
    Station: Your character's current lot in life.

    What does your character look, feel, smell and sound like?

    How does your character think? What drives him and what kind of a fellow is he?

    What has happened to your character before the game and made them who they are?

    Story So Far:
    You can summarize and update here what has happened to your character during the game.


    What is your character good or bad at? What special things can he do or knows?

    These could include anything from martial arts to ki blasts to magic and shapeshifting abilities.

    Other information:

    Anything you can't fit to the brackets above, such as equipment or property your character owns.

    Here's an example of a filled character sheet - Earth's old god, as I'm going to play him:

    God of the Mortal World: Yama no Rōjin (lit. "Old man of the Mountain")
    ... or just call him "Yama", "Kami" or "God" for short

    Age: Somewhere between 1500 and 1700 years
    Gender: Male.
    Height: 165 cm (~5'5")
    Weight: 71 kg (~157 lbs.)
    Species: Infernal being.
    Station: Earth's current Guardian

    In his human form, Yama appears as an ugly, wrinkled old man whose face seems to be stuck in a perpetual scowl. His skin is tanned bronze and is crisscrossed by pale scars from past battles. His hair is silvery and kept short. His eyes are steel grey - he actually has three of them, but keeps the third one on his forehead closed most of the time, so it's not noticeable. He typically wears a black shirt and black garment similar to hakama, tied around the waist with a red sash. He wears black leather boots on his feet. His posture has been getting quite bad lately, and he usually walks around leaning on his staff. It's hard to tell through the clothes, but he's built like a strongman. His voice is coarse, and he smells of blood and iron.

    Yama used to have quite a temperament and loved fighting, often for non-existing reasons. However, the lack of proper challenge for a few hundred years soured the idea for him. Since then, he's been perpetually grumpy, seething with aggression with no proper discharge. He spends most of his time sulking in his palace, gaining what little joy he can from growing beans, drinking tea and building small things, like carving little birds and trees from wood. Occasionally, he sends his projection to Earth or Otherworld to deal with stubborn ghosts of the dead.

    Yama feels his age pressing down on himself and thinks he ought to find himself a successor soon. There's a tinge of guilt nagging in the back of his head, a half-realization he's perhaps not been the best of gods for Earth. It would probably be best to find someone less self-centered to take the job. He has no idea who it could be, though.

    Once upon a time, Yama lived in the Otherworld. He was an infernal being of great martial prowess and went around challenging those who doubted his strenght. He caused quite a ruckus and kept inhabitants of Heaven in fear untill one day, when he got a bit too drunk and tried to hit on one of the higher gods. As a punishment, he got thrown to Earth and turned into a human. He also got a mountain placed on him for good measure - it took him two centuries to dig himself from under it. Afterwards, he took on the mantle of Earth's God, as the spot was empty at the time.

    He used to live among humans, becoming famous for defeating strongest monsters and warriors of the time. He built a grand palace for himself and people flocked under his banner, pledging themselves to him in terror and awe. For a while, the worship of humans was fine and dandy, but then Yama ran out of things to fight and found out there wasn't much else he could do well. People started coming to him with problems that couldn't be solved by punching them in the face. He tried to chance and learned new skills, but as time passed their pleas grew pettier and pettier. Annoyed, he moved his palace on the top of a high mountain, but people still kept coming. He tried an even higher mountain, but when even that didn't help, he made his palace float in the sky high above the clouds. Since then, a group of humans have been building a tower to reach him in honor of some old hero of theirs.

    For the last hundred years or so, Yama hasn't been doing much else than growing beans and drinking tea. No new heroes or villains have emerged to challenge him. Whether this is because there are none or because everyone's just kinda forgotten about him isn't known to him. Lack of proper exercise is making his back hurt.

    Story So Far:
    1. Android 23 and Callin arrived at Kami's lookout to ask for the dragon balls. Not having them, Kami told them to go look elsewhere and gave them directions to a dead dragon's lair.
    2. Arcosian brothers asked to be trained by Kami. Kami agreed but the Yellow Thunder Sage attacked before any training could take place.
    3. Kami fought the Yellow Thunder Sage. His foe apparently self-destructed, but blew up Kami's lookout as well.
    4. Feeling too old to fix his lookout alone, Kami sought the Arcosian brothers and healed them from their wounds. However, they would not agree to fix Kami's lookout just for that, so enraged Kami drove them off.
    5. Kami relocated remains of his lookout to a nearby mountain and then carried a nearby village next to it so the humans could help him while he was off to collect the lost souls left from the Thunder Sage's attack.
    6. While collecting lost humans souls, Kami also witnessed Callin creating the dragon balls and wishing Android 22 to this world, as well as the aftermath of Solitus's defeat. After asking what Sun Kai was doing on Earth, Kami returned to his lookout.
    7. From memory, Kami searched for one of the inert dragon balls. He pondered what to do with it, but couldn't think of anything he'd need a wish for. After making a few copies of the ball, he just left it in his forge, with a note telling whoever finds it can keep it.
    8. Afterwards, Kami mostly spent his time fixing his lookout. He took a detour to see Aspa fight against Slushya's at Baba's, read Pokasuu's mind, and then returned to work.
    9. When Kami was fixing the roof of his palace, Callin arrived to ask Kami to teach him magic. Kami found his reasons lacking, while Callin found Kami's demeanor dissatisfying. When Kami tried to stop Callin from leaving by lassoing him with an iron chain, Callin stabbed him with a Ki blade and a fight broke out between them.
    10. Iris, who arrived in wake of Callin, joined the fight to help her comrade. Some time later, the Androids and Oxy also arrived. They started moralizing to Kami, which befuddled him to no end. Iris was thrown into rage by some things said, and hit Kami in the face full force. This served to enrage Kami and he told everyone present to have at it.
    11. Callin, Iris and Androids 22 and 23 fought Kami while Aspa and Oxy looked. Aspa was too busy admiring Callin's improvement to interfere, before Kami punched Callin in the chest and lethally stabbed Iris. Shocked, Aspa threw Kami down from the mountain.
    12. The fight continued between Kami and Aspa at the base of the mountain. Shanakan arrived to plead Kami to have mercy and explain himself to the strange people around. However, before Kami could reply, Aspa attacked him again and then Oxy too. The Androids appealed to Sun Kai to stop Kami, and Sun Kai pleaded for Kami to stop, but he couldn't as Aspa wouldn't give up.
    13. The fight came to an end when the Androids took a big risk and created a Spirit Bomb to hit Kami with. Worried of what might happen to the planet, Kami tried to get away, but Oxy swore to not let him go. Unable to safely dodge the bomb, Kami turned into a juggernaut, but when it seemed even that might not stop the bomb, he asked Sun Kai to take him and the bomb into orbit. Sun Kai agreed, but after Kami had gotten rid of the bomb, Sun Kai would not let him down, saying it was a punishment for Kami insulting him earlier.
    14. Kami was hence left floating in low Earth orbit. From there, he sent his Astral Projection to search for lost souls and to talk with King Kai. After reporting what had happened, Kami left to look for a successor.
    15. Halfway to Fortuneteller Baba, Kami sensed a failed summoning ritual from Oxy and went to see what it was about. He caught up with the bug when Lagerin and his goons emerged to do combat with Oxy. Kami thought of fighting with Lagerin's demons, but Aspa arrived to take care of that. Unable to affect the material world, Kami searched for the demon mastermind behind Lagerin's assault. The demon made a claim Kami could not beat it, but by congratulating it, Kami tricked it to shake his hand. Kami took the demon before Yenma and together they beat it up and reclaimed the souls it had taken.
    16. Afterwards, Kami returned to escort souls of people killed by Lagerin to afterlife. Among them was Callin, who died of his disease when fighting Lagerin. When Kami couldn't convince Callin to let go of this world, he instead took him to the grave of a past Kami to explain how the spiritual world works, and then took Callin to wait in the lookout.
    17. Kami's projection went to acquire information from King Kai and to do other spiritual work. This would've continued until Sun Kai decided to let his physical body back on Earth, but Oxy then emerged and demanded Kami's attention. Kami ignored Oxy so long the later decided to fly up to him instead.
    18. As Oxy was closing in, Kami turned into a juggernaut again. Oxy hit him with a Ki blast and then demanded Kami to take him to Otherworld in case he couldn't use dragon balls to resurrect Callin. Kami pointed out Oxy's plan didn't actually require his attention, but this only made Oxy more incensed. Tired of Oxy's threats, Kami bluffed Oxy into thinking he was going to destroy Earth, which made Oxy to get directly in his line of fire. Kami used telepathic projection to stun him with pain.
    19. As Oxy was struggling to overcome the telepathic projection, Kami outlined several flaws in Oxy's thinking and noted how Oxy's arrogance made him easy to manipulate. This enraged Oxy, snapped him out of the pain and made him attack Kami..
    20. While fighting Kami, Oxy threw all sorts of insults and threats at him. Frustrated, Kami said behaviour like Oxy's was the reason why he quit helping humans. This did nothing to calm Oxy down, however. Even the Sun Kai interjected to say Oxy was fighting for nothing, to similarly little effect. The fight was decided when Oxy couldn't keep up wih Kami's power and started to lose strenght. Kami used a technique he learned from Oxy to knock him down to the pacific ocean, with Oxy cursing him all the way down. Oxy said gods of his time were a thousand times greater than Kami, to which Kami retorted he would create a line of gods with equal greatness.
    21. After the fight, Kami headed to the Andean mountain range to fetch more Senzu beans. Sun Kai noted how Kami might have a point in what he said to Oxy, but also that Kami's heavy-handed way of dealing with Oxy would never dissuade Oxy nor his friends from hating him. Kami told Sun Kai shouldn't worry about that, but also thanked him for helping with the Spirit Bomb earlier, in effort to create a sort of truce between the two gods.


    Master of close combat
    During his long life, Yama has mastered armed and unarmed combat both. His favorite weapons include the staff, the spear, the sabre, the club, the longsword and the bow. He's not quite as good with those new-fangled firearms some humans are beginning to use, but he's sure he'll get used to them in time. Although he predates most current martial arts, he's also extremely skilled in what we'd recognize as boxing, kickboxing and wrestling, both standing up and on the ground.

    Master craftsman
    When he used to live with and grant the wishes of humans, Yama took some time to learn all sorts of useful skills from sewing clothes to building houses and smithing tools, weapons and horseshoes. He became so good in making things that he could built his floating palace in mere seven days with no help. He's been slacking lately, but he can still make almost any mundane object one can think of. He isn't much of an inventor, however, mostly sticking to tried-and-true methods and devices.

    Monstrous strenght, speed and durability
    It is claimed that during his prime, Yama could press a mountain. Such strenght comes with many other perks, and Yama can run fast as the winds and cover leagues with a single leap. It is also claimed no mortal weapon can kill him, though that only made some people more eager to try. He could still take a blast from a cannon to his face without injury greater than a bloody nose.

    Levitation and Flight
    Yama can walk on nothing but thin air and fly fast as a hawk with the force of his will.

    Extrasensory Perception
    Yama can sense the lifeforce, Ki, in all living things and pinpoint them with accuracy of 1 meter. He can also sense the good and evil in a man's heart. With his third eye, he can see ghosts and other immaterial things. The range of this ability is measured in dozens of miles, and is increased to cover the whole globe when Yama is in his palace. Yama can also sense surface thoughts of those he can see, and read memories of those he can touch, though these can be resisted by unwilling or canny creatures.

    Telepathic projection
    Yama can transfer his thoughts to other creatures he can see. The intensity of the projection depends on his strenght. Mostly, this takes form of speech, but Yama can also send images and sensations, including past memories.

    Astral Projection
    Through meditation, Yama can send an immaterial copy of himself to deal with spirits stuck on Earth, or to discuss with King Yenma in the Otherworld as pertains to his duties as Earth's Guardian. The projection can't touch material things, but has substance in the afterlife.

    Yama can make any weapon he holds more durable so they can withstand his inhuman strenght. Metal objects benefit more than other items, alloys of iron benefiting the most.

    Akuma no ken (Devil's Fist)
    A technique, or rather, a fighting style similar to the fabled Kaio-ken. Using one of his masks (see below), Yama can focus his Ki and for a time take on inhuman qualities he had in the Otherworld. This way, he can amplify his strenght and multiply it tenfold if need be. He's not had to use this power in a long time.

    Iron Juggernaut
    The pinnacle of Akuma no Ken is for Yama to manifest the power of his original form. No living human has seen it, but legends say it is hundred times greater than his human form. It takes the form of a suit of armor, twice as tall as Yama ordinarily is. His muscles become like living metals and his blood becomes like lava. To use this power, Yama needs to have at least one of his masks and his weapons at hand.


    After witnessing time-travellers use this famous Ki technique, Kami has managed to reverse-engineer this technique. He's still a beginner in its use.

    Other information (namely, stuff Yama owns):

    Kami's lookout - a fantastic palace floating in the sky.
    Nyoi-bo - a sturdy and weighty staff which can grown in lenght and width as its wielder wishes. Yama uses it as a walking stick.
    Senzu Beans - Yama grows these in his garden. One of them is enough to feed a grown man for 10 days. They can also heal any wound and restore lost Ki in an instant.
    A crystal ball - it has the power of clairvoyance, allowing Yama to see all things which can be touched by light of the sun - one small bit at a time.
    Water of Gods - a draught which will draw forth hidden strenght of anyone who drinks it. Unfortunately, it does this by being a horrible poison. It also tastes bad, being a mixture of Yama's own blood and bile, and tea.
    108 faces of God - actually, just 36 now as a few have gotten destroyed or lost on Earth. These are masks Yama made to regain the power he had in the Otherworld. Their appearances vary from leering demons to beautiful but fierce women. Wearing one of these masks is a prerequisite for using Akuma no ken. Update: Only 35 now as one was destroyed in Yellow Thunder Sage's attack
    108 arms of God - actually, just 72 two as... you get the picture. These are various weapons Yama made, ranging from iron cudgels and swords to bows and arrows. They're very well made and have power far greater than their appearance suggests. Update: Only 71 now as one ended up with Iris and consequently Callin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rater202 View Post
    Starting as Children would not necessarily have much effect on when they become the Kami. Dende became Kami as a child.
    Dende also got power-upped by Guru, unlike little Piccolo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rater202 View Post
    Changing topic, how long do do Frost Demons/Arcosians live, anyway?
    There's no information on this to speak of. Default to human, though it should be noted even humans with powerful Ki can live for centuries. They just get small and wrinkly somewhere down the line.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rater202 View Post
    And about the name of the race... The only for sure canonical term we have is "Frieza's race" . . . I'm thinking "Frost Demon" is a nickname assigned to the species by others, due to the evil actions of the Empire and the small majority of it's native citizens. And the ice pun names. Is this acceptable? It'd make for some good opportunities if other aliens get involved.
    The reason I used "Frost Demons" is because calling them "Frieza's race" is sort of awkward when there's no Frieza around. Your suggestion is acceptable.

    Quote Originally Posted by nysisobli View Post
    Im tempted to jump in as popo :D But i really want to do the abridged version of popo.
    It's not impossible. Check my write-up on Earth's old Kami and say how you think their dynamic could work.

    Quote Originally Posted by F.H. Zebedee View Post
    I might be game; how many posts per day are we looking at as an activity rate? I'm good for one or two a day, though Wednesday and Saturday I fall off the face of the earth.
    One post every other day is good enough. I'm not expecting this game to move super fast.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Raziere View Post
    problem is, its seems a little low-tech to play any kind of Android....

    maybe I'll play a female human for once. Dragonball does need a female human badass who can keep up with everyone else.
    Play a clockwork / steampunk robot. Or the timetravelling android you came up with would work just as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by cavalieredraghi View Post
    here is what I am thinking, so far anyways. Could I play as one of the few surviving Tuffles who lived among the namiekians. and thus learned about the dragonballs and how to create them through them? My Tuffle would be highly intelligent, and used his knowledge of technology to help create a new set of Dragonballs for where ever we are. Earth I assume. These Dragonballs are slightly inferior compared to the orginal Namiekian Dragonballs , ergo why Earth's balls only allow 1 wish versus 3.

    Thoughts so far?
    As Rater noted, Tuffles are still alive and well - it's Namekians who are in a pinch. A tuffle coming to Earth with the idea of Dragon Balls would work just fine too.
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