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    The water at the top of Korin's tower was just tap water. The real powerup came from climbing up it, and trying to catch it from Korin, who kept it away. Mercenary Tao (the assassin) threatened Korin's life if he didn't give the water to him right away, therefore skipping all the benefits that the process bestowed. Sure he actually did climb up the tower, but it's safe to infer that in his haste, he lost some of his strength in the exertion. The journey is the destination, as they say.

    Kami's water, IIRC, is something completely different that probably did bestow a power-boost even in the absence of Saiyan zenkai. Zenkai probably helped though, a lot.


    Age: Early 20s equivalent
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 183 lbs
    Species: Arcosian
    Station: Wandering Exile


    A taller variation of Frieza's first form, though noticably taller and somewhat thinner. Four horns on his head sweep towards his back giving him a sleek profile. The portions of his body unprotected by Frost Demon carapace are very dark grey, while his carapace is bone white, and the glasslike colored portions of his carapace are turqoise. His tail is also a solid turquoise color.


    Artic feels it is his responsibility to protect his brother Ieez from himself. His desire to avenge his family, although righteous and noble in every way, is liable to get him killed, especially against opponents with seemingly omnipotent levels of power. The fact that Ieez relies on a scouter to detect energy is proof-positive of his non-readiness.

    In contract, Artic is perhaps too cautious, looking to make sure all the angles are examined when looking at a situation. Outside of a conflict, he is friendly, but wary.

    Artic's family, not long ago, was part of a group of revolutionaries set against the in-power Arcosian Empire. They were crushed, the survivors executed. Their families exiled themselves and fled to the far corners of space.

    Story So Far:
    Artic and Ieez have arrived on a primitive backwater planet after fleeing from the Arcosian Empire.

    He has heard rumors of this fountain of eternal life, and wondered if he could expand on his knowledge of the machine through time, experimentation, and study, and eventually return into space and liberate the galaxy from the Arcosian Empire with the aid of sufficiently advanced technology. However Ieez wants to raise and train an army.

    Current Power Level: 8000
    Artic can sense Ki well and is an adept Ki user, however his hand-to-hand skills are clumsy and slow, leaving him spectacularly vulnerable if someone closes the distance. He is able to fly and although slower than his brother, his more efficient ki usage lets him move farther.

    As an Arcosian , Artic is immune to the effects of airlessness as well as survive in a vacuum, as well as stellar radiation.

    He can transform into more powerful forms, but currently has no clue on how to do so.

    Artic has technical skills on the construction and maintenance of technology and other devices.

    Artic also possesses a suit of self-made power-armor. This armor, when worn, provides a flat defense boost of 1.5x his current power-level. The helmet possesses a suite of sensors and communicators all built by Artic. The suit also can augment its wearer's strength and speed, giving Artic a power-boost, though the higher settings come at a cost of risking injury to the wearer.

    Power Modes:

    Unpowered: Cuts speed and strength in half. Useful for training. (effective PL: 4000)
    Minimal: Net-Zero affect on speed and strength. (effective PL: 8000)
    Low: x2 boost to speed and strength (effective PL: 16000)
    Normal: x5 boost to speed and strength. Causes minor strain with prolonged use. (effective PL: 40000)
    High: x10 boost to speed and strength. Causes major strain with short use. (effective PL: 80000)
    Max: x100 boost to strength and speed. Causes immediate severe limb damage (effective PL: 800000)


    Stellar Eradication: A powerful Ki lance surrounded by many orbiting smaller ki blasts. The Ki blasts will home in on the target even if the lance misses.

    Variable Ki attacls: Artic can fire Ki attacks from powerful blasts to weak bursts barely able to light candles. He has excellent control over this.

    Ki Lances: Powerful short burst Ki beams.

    Pulsar: Artic creates a large globe of rapidly spinning cerulean energy that, while devastatingly powerful, is way, WAY too slow to use against anything except stationary or extremely close-ranged and unaware targets. Artic can fire a beam of energy from the globe.

    Other information:

    Artic owns 1 simple two man spacecraft hidden near the peak at the top of a very high mountain. He also possesses several advanced tools for his trade, and a simple white robe with a hood for travel.
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