Due to an upcoming funding round, I find myself bogged down with work, so I cannot upgrade the code anytime soon.
The simulation is decent enough to see whether certain homebrew weapons are broken or not, which was actually my original intent —I started doing an analysis and I needed some tests, although I never did finish my analysis fully: link to draft.
Ideally I would like to change the decision-making part, but making it adaptive (multidimensional-MCMC), would require a lot of effort despite its appeal.
If spacial decision enter the fray, I think such a training walk would be required as I cannot say when certain tactics are better —melee attack, grapple, disengage or cause an AoO? Normally, it depends on the player's personality!*
But for the foreseeable future I probably will restructure how spells and such are handled to make it more flexible and add class features based on what test is required.

*) Last week my party encountered a hag: I netted her and another player pushed her prone, but then a third player instead of going along with the lockdown decided to attack and fumbled, which the DM ruled as cutting the net. There is no way that the simulator would do any of that.