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Thread: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Feats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    The LoyalPaladin grants you permission.
    Prerequisites: Must possess a Paladin's Oath Class Feature or other similar class feature
    Benefit: Your oath is sworn to the service of another person of your choice (PC or NPC). So long as you retain loyalty to and act in what you perceive as the best interests of the person you swore your oath to, you are not at risk of falling due to acts you commit or people you associate with. In addition, whenever an enemy creature attacks the person you've sworn your oath to, they provoke an attack of opportunity from you. You may also choose to forgo this attack of opportunity to instead become the target of the attack instead of your master if your master is within melee range of you.
    Special: You may choose to rescind your oath if any of the following occur: Your master dies, you no longer feel that you can uphold the oath to your master due to irreconcilable differences in personality or change in the nature of your relationship, or you are released from your duty by your master for any reason. If your oath is rescinded you can swear a new oath to a different master at any time and still retain use of this feat.