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    I'm seeing a decided lack of villains in this game. So I guess I'll throw my hat in.

    The Young Thunder Sage
    Age: 100
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: 70 lb
    Species: Human?
    Station: Wandering Mad Sage

    Description: Wrapped in linen bandages and wearing heavy robes, The Young Thunder Sage is a hunched and slim figure swathed in shadow and mystery. Some claim underneath his broad bamboo kasa and linens is a desiccated and frame though none alive have ever spoken of The Young Thunder Sage's true appearance or form.

    Personality: Calculating and cruel, The Young Thunder Sage is willing to sacrifice as much as it takes to achieve his goals, going so far as to wipe out entire cities without remorse should it be be required. He does little to hide this fact however, quite blunt and open about the expendability of those who fail him and his over all mission. The Young Thunder Sage is a being of exceptional evil, the mirth and joy many humans hold devoid in his character unless held up as an act. The Young Thunder Sage is not above lying and assuming fake aliases to get what he desires, even those who would claim to be close to him knowing the monster underneath.

    History: Born in a far flung village of Manchuria, the Young Thunder Sage was said to have been born between a human and the Lightning God Raiju, possessing powerful mystical abilities and the command of the storms themselves. With this power grew arrogance and greed and the desire to reign over men with his own power. The Young Thunder Sage thus set out to overcome the Kami of the world and place himself at what he deems the proper station over the entire Earth.

    Story So Far: N/A


    Lightning Spear: The Young Thunder Sage can channel electrical energy through his body, expelling powerful blasts of ki combined with electrical energy in the form of massive spears.

    Ki Hail: The Young Thunder Sage can create a flurry of powerful ki blasts that shock and detonate on impact.

    Summon Storm: The Young Thunder Safe can summon forth great gales of wind, rain and thunder where ever he is. These storms can swiftly flood an entire city with it's torrential rain and summon forth great blats of powerful lightning and rolling thunder which makes flight difficult.

    Flight: The Young Thunder Sage can fly under his own power and summon forth great storm clouds which he can ride like a stallion.

    The Black Hounds: Said to be the one of the most potent ability of Young Thunder Sage, the Black Hounds are a tribe of powerful elemental creatures with the appearance of a ravenous horde of dogs that chase their targets without growing tired before detonating with nuclear bomb force power when they catch their prey.

    Tsunami: The fear of all men, The Thunder Sage can cause an earth shattering blast of thunder that rocks the very foundations of the world, causing massive tidal waves.

    Other information: Aside from his potent ki abilities, The Young Thunder Sage is quite adept to hand to hand combat and is well versed in fighting with a bo staff. Despite his ruthless and directed mission, the Young Thunder Sage seems to have a soft spot for children, even ignoring them should fights against them break out. Some claim, those who have fought him, that The Young Thunder Sage hides a demonic form underneath his robes, only taking this shape should he be near defeat. This form is said to be a mindless force of elemental destruction, incapable of rational thought and only acting out the will of a supercell thunderstorm given flesh.
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