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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Sorry for the long delay in posting! I was as swamped as an Atlantean cursing the gods.
    Our last session was fairly short by our standards, about 7.5 hours total, but still quite a lot of fun. I added the leveling up table and comments in a spoiler after the end to the Paradox encounter, since some of the choices were affected by it. Hope you enjoy!

    Session 18- Paradox, trip to Drezen, Arulashee's redoubt

    Back at the room of Paradox...

    Julian took the Lexicon of Paradox, feeling it's strange unfathomable energies. Behind her, the part angel, part demon, part devil, all combined and none of the above approached Sen and Andera. He put a hand on each, they were close, yet far apart, and so was it.

    "You two are set apart, yet linked. For when the crusaders summoned this vessel, and when the minor demoness sought to possess it, Paradox made the impossible possible- It made an exchange of essences- part of mine, for part of the demoness sister (The party: "Arulashee!") Thus we are both creatures that cannot be, yet are. But I gave part of my essence to another..."

    The figure started to... unravel, as if unseen strings were slowly pulling out of it, making it less and less... in existence.

    Paradox turned to Sena: "You, child of of crusaders, child of crusaders' foolish friend, adopted once, adopted twice, child of many parents... I add one more to your line, for I see in you my essence of long ago..."

    It turned to Andera: "And you, who were saved by my twin, sister in essence... She has worked long to spread my gift onwards, and so have you, upon others of her kind..."

    It pressed it's hands on their backs "To you both, I give the rest of my essence, do with it as you will." And a surge of energy struck them both, making them gasp. It turned to Andera and tore a feather out of it's own wing "Give this to my twin, it may help her fully become, or end, as I have."

    The frayed, translucent, unraveling figure turned to Mad dog and Julian. "The demonesss sought to control Paradox, but she gained only a misunderstanding of it. She has affected you both with her misguided ignorance, but that will not do to my carriers. I tire of it..." It raised a transparent hand "A slight change, pull, twist, and the power is gone. An effect will remain, a sort of an... essence scar, if you will. The little demoness will have no direct power over you, but know that she has learned to evoke the basic demon in all mortals. The scar will remain, do with it as you will." With that the curse on Julian and Mad dog was undone, though Mad dog retained some demonic features on his body (Cosmetics only), and Julian still felt some of the succubi self inside.

    The almost gone Guardian of Paradox, now barely seen, but a face remaining spoke to them all.
    "Julian Bearstorm, who seeks to understand Paradox,
    Senatef Aberdeen, who is becoming Paradox,
    Mad dog and Andrea, who in your way have touched, and my spread Paradox,
    Listen to me! I am coming out of hiding. My purpose will be done. By you, or by the witch, who will undoubtfully seek me, it matters not. There is no going back!"
    And with that, it faded...

    There were a few other treasures there, (I used combinations from the encounters made to make the dungeon), but most notably were the book itself, which Julian took, and the Sword of the guardian- Aa blade of strangely indiscernible shape. Sena took it, and it changed shape, matter and essence with a thought. Sena wielded it pleased, entranced, as it changed shape to a holy scimitar.

    The party also all felt stronger, as it some of their inner conflict was resolved.

    DM design- rewards of Paradox
    The party just gained the improved campiagn traits! In truth, Julian nd Mad dog had some work up till now, but Sena's story and Andera's... less so... I plnned on having Sena sense the guardian from afar through out the module, but forgot entirely about it. I also planned on Andera gaining his improved trait when rescuing Arulashee, but I also imagined them saving her before getting to the Lost Expedition. I didn't want him to feel left out. This seemed like a mjor point in the campaign, so I decided to just hand it all here.

    Way does the book dampen mythic power? I put it to liken it more to the Suture in the sixth module, and to give it a feel of something of mythic power indeed.

    The sword of Paradox:
    - At it's base, it's a 1 handed +2 blade (Slashing or piercing). Other than that it can be modified quite radically. The wielder, using a swift action, can change any or or of the following:
    - Type of weapon, as long as it stays a 1 handed blade (So it can be a dagger, long sword, rapier nd so on)
    - Material the weapon is made of (Adamantine, silver, cold iron and so on)
    - Alignment of the weapon (So it can be considered good, chaotic, evil and so on)
    - Any combination of magical abilities that add up to +2, on top of the weapon's initial +2 which cannot be changed. (So flaming and keen, holy, and so on) If this gives the weapon an alignment opposed to that made above, both stick. Hey, Paradox. (So it can be a holy evil sword)
    - The Sword of Paradox is considered Epic for the purposes of bypassing DR.

    I think it's nifty, but not too powerful. I assumed either Andera or Sena would take it, as a unique kind of weapon. Sena took it, and is currently using it as a +2 cold iron holy sword.

    Julian however is quite worried about the Guardian's last warning, that Areelu will surely seek it. They understood it as quite imminent! (Sometimes the players take your words in unexpected ways. I meant it as a general warning that she'll be interested. They knew that Jerribeth wanted to outsmart Areelu Vorlesh, but didn't come to the conclusion that Jerribeth have kept this a secret.) Julian spoke to them "Let get out of here, before our Nemesis comes to find us." The party cast mislead to make the room as is, and Julian casts nondetection on the tome.
    Sena, still holding the sword, became fascinated with the book. "Give me the tome Julian" he asks in a bit of a faraway voice. She hesitates, but give it to him. Sena then seems withdrawn, as if speaking to some inner vision. The party became worried after about a minute, and Julian asked. "Give me the tome back Sena!" This broke him from his reverie, and he handed the book back, with a strange look of peace on his face. As he did so, his aura (The clerical aura of good) vanished... to be replaced with... nothing.

    Julian was worried: "Are you ok?"
    Sean replied with a smile: "I'm fine, Just know this- The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true."
    The party exchanged glances "Are you SURE you're ok?" Sena however waved it off.

    Sena's player addition- Sena's vision
    (The player sent it to all of us after the session. He wanted to play it wit hthe rest not knowing what vision he had in the meeting, but informed us all later on. Now... When I asked for some clarification of the vision (Which is wholly his), he explained it's a bit of a riddle,a turning point for Sena and how he will act from now. Suffice to say that he sees himself as... a sort of aside/ above/ away/ not part of the direct conflict, which will reflect in his choice of path ability- Beyond Morality.

    The player is a lawyer, and loves playign with words, punctuation and so on to give different meanings. He left some punctuation off, to give alternate meanings. I present this here as he sent it to me. Tell the truth, I'm not fully sure where he is taking this, but as long as he and the group are having fun, it's all good! He warned me that some parts my red a bit... off...

    Sena held the book and felt it's power, Thinking to himself: She has given it to me freely. I do not deny that my heart had greatly desired this. Or I will destroy all or enslaved them all – No matter which way I choose my revenge will be complete either way. What have become of me?

    Image: You really want to know the truth?

    Sena: Who’s there?

    Image: I am who I always been – sees Sena himself. You both are a dying people… Obsessed with each other's death until death is all we can see and all we deserve. The first started it, and will you continue until there are no more of you both. If both sides are dead, no one will care which side deserves the blame. It no longer matters who started it. It only matters who is suffering. Your hate blinded you and you cannot see the battle for what it is, and the Quest stands upon the edge of a knife, stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. But you have the opportunity, here and now, to choose… the image projects it’s self into sena

    Andera examined the guardian's feather, and was suddenly washed in a surge of memories, of fighting against waves after waves of endless demons, and suddenly blinded, but with a flash he came back. A voice suddenly came from his sword, spiteful, vengeful, and belligerent. "I'm awake again! I smell demons! Who holds me? Andera of the Blackflame order? Goooood! Let us spill some more demons blood!"
    Andera, perplexed, asked his sword: "Who are you old fighting spirit?"
    The sword replied, almost laughing mischievously. "Me? I'm Chandi! Slayer of demons!" (The player told me the name means "silver" or "silvered" in Hindi)

    Julian looked at Sena, then Andera and his demon blood seeking sword, then at Sena, and Andera. "Any more surprises?" When she felt the power from meeting Paradox and gaining the Lexicon wash over her, and suffuses her headband, that she worked on for some time now, with mythic power. "Brilliance" She named it in her mind.

    Mad dog spoke: "Can we go now?"
    J: "Yes but where? I need to Study this tome, we need to head back to Drezen."
    A: "We cannot take it there! Jerribeth really wants this, she will burn the place!"
    MD: "And she surely has spies in Drezen. She WILL know we are there."
    Julian thinks: "We can teleport to my house, no one is there. No one needs to know we got back!"
    The party discusses some stuff, and end up deciding that Julian and Mad dog will teleport to Julian's house, and Sena will use word of recall to get back to his temple with Andera and use illusions and such to go and equip themselves in the town.

    Before teleporting, Sena cast shield other on Julian "You are the student of Paradox, and I shall be your protector." And with that done, they teleported.

    Level 11/ Tier 4 upgrades (Skip ahead if not interested)

    A quick summary:
    - All characters added the +2 ability bonus to their main abilities.

    - Mad dog took critical focus (To make sure his critical reach home) and Titan's rage- going bigger, and even MORE ability boosts. A monster indeed!

    - Sena now sees himself as sort of becoming paradox, and mostly the guardian of Paradox, which he sees as the group, and mainly Julian. As such he took the universal path ability Beyond Morality (Basically he has no alignment, can use abilities of all alignments with no re precautions, and doesn't suffer from alignment based powers, such as blasphemy, smite good and such). As 11th level feat he took Divine Intervention (To better protect you my dear).

    - Julian took Selective Spell as her feat (The player liked the mythic empowered fireballs, but wants to avoid hitting party members). As a path ability he took the universal path ability of Legendery item, turning his head band "Brilliance" to such. (We worked on it since the Staff of Valor, which I mentioned right at the start of the module). It currently has 3 powers- eternal bond (The player don't want to lose it), Adroit (can use it's power to add +20 to diplomacy), and powerful (2 more uses per day, so 4 total).

    - Andera also opted for a legendary item- Chandi! (An ancient spirit of his order, newly manifested in the sword). It's 3 powers are undetectable (Which means He can't be detected by magic or senses while invisible! intelligence, and spell casting (Can cast "Dimension door" once per day). His 11th level feat is Improved Critical (Wakizashi)

    The table:

    Stat Andera Julian Mad dog Sena
    Race Human Human Half elf Aasimr (human scion)
    Class Ninja 11 (Scout) Sorcerer (Arcana bloodline) 11 Barbarian 11 Cleric of Calistria 11
    Alignment CG CG CG Beyond Morality
    HP 107 125 157 95
    Abilities (Heroic scores) 10, 24, 14, 13 (15 with head band), 10, 16 10, 14, 14 ,14, 10, 25 (29 with headband) 24, 14, 14 (16 with belt), 10, 14, 10 16, 13, 10, 10, 23 (25 with headband), 16
    Traits Chance encounter, group fighter Exposed to awfulness, Arcane temper Stolen Fury, Demon slayer Touched by divinity, eyes and ears of the city
    Regular feats Weapon finesse
    two weapon fighting
    shadow strike
    blind fight
    extra ki
    step up
    follow step
    Improved critical (Wakizashi)
    Eschew materials
    spell penetration (+ greater)
    Expanded arcana (X3)
    metamagic- silent, still, piercing, selective
    Skill focus (Survival)
    power attack
    finishing cleave
    weapon focus (great sword)
    Improved critical (Great sword)
    Critical focus
    Combat casting
    selective channeling
    heavy armor proficiency
    alignment channel (Vs. Chaotic evil)
    Demon hunter
    Divine Interference
    Main skills Stealth, acrobatics, Disable device, diplomacy, bluff, UMD Bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, spellcraft, perception perception, survival, acrobatics Perception, diplomacy, sense motive
    Main magic items Shadow mithral chain shirt +2
    Changi +1 sure strike cold iron wakizashi
    +1 spell storing cold iron wakizashi
    daredevil boots
    headband of intellect
    Brilliance- Headband of charisma +4, wisdom +2
    Lesser rod of empower
    4 spell knowledge pages
    Lexicon of Paradox
    +1 Adamantine great sword
    +2 bane cold iron great sword
    helmet of the fortunate soldier
    long arm braces
    Dwarven belt
    Sword of Paradox
    Head band of wisdom +2
    Mithral full plate pf speed
    Lion Shield +2
    boots of striding and springing
    Special class features: Skirmisher archetype.
    Tricks: Vanishing trick
    sacred sneak attack
    wall climber
    sudden disguise
    bleeding attack
    Green sting scorpion familiar Rage powers: Superstition
    reckless abandon
    witch hunter
    fire resistance
    eater of magic
    Domains: Deception
    Mythic path Trickster Archmage Champion Hierophant
    Path signature ability Surprise attack Wild arcana Sudden attack Inspired spell
    Path ability Defensive move
    Combat trickery
    Defensive move
    Legendary item- Changi:
    spell caster (Dimension door)
    Enduring armor
    Eldritch Breach
    Arcane metamastery 1
    Legendary item- Brilliance:
    Eternal bond
    Adroit (Diplomacy)
    Flash of rage
    burst through
    penetrating damage
    Titan's rage
    Heathen slayer
    Faith's reach
    Enduring spell
    Beyond Morality
    Mythic feat Mythic weapons finesse
    Mythic blind fight
    Spell lore x2 (Mythic spell) Mythic power attack
    mythic improved critical
    Extra mythic power
    extra path ability

    Back at Drezen

    We decided to deal with each couple in their own turn. Sena and Andera first. They thought that the temple will be empty, but it turned out to be occupied.

    The place was packed with some of Sena's followers/ cult. Mongerlfolks, Knights of Sarenrae, and others. "Spirit walker! He has returned!" They exclaimed, excited. Sena, never one to forgo appearances, cast angelic transformation, and white wings spread from his shoulders, and an angelic aura appeared round him. Andera swore under his breath "What about going in inconspicuously?"

    Some of the cult followers have prostrated themselves, but Sena bid them to rise. He looked older, more mature, having gone through an ordeal "My sons and daughters, The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. But this all of the town needs to hear." And with that he flew to nearby window, and flew out of the citadel towards the main square.

    Andera cursed, climbed out and used his disguise power to make him appear like a normal town's folk. Chandi spoke excitedly "What are those Andera? They look like demons, but they feel... better?" Andera whispered back. "Not quite demons, they are trying to improve. It's hard to change old habits, but they are doing their best..."

    As the duo was going towards the main square, we turned to Mad dog and Julian

    Julian's house

    Julian's house was empty, but not untouched. The place has been investigated, turned and checked, thoroughly it seems, though with some respect. Nothing was missing, except the old drained wardstone fragment.

    Julian put mage locks on all windows and doors, and sat down to read, but not before handing Mad dog a broom. He looked at her puzzingly. Julian pushed the broom at him. "What? I don't clean!"

    The main square

    Sena flew majestically towards the main square, in front of Drezen gates, right nearby the Horus Emporium. He set down upon a high stone block. Soldiers rushed to see him, with Bartlet in tow. Sena looked down with glowing eyes. "Well, I see your hospitality have gone down hill since last we met!" Bartlet gave him a worried smile. "Usually the "guests" give more of an announcement. We knew not who or what you were! Why, with the wings, and stuff..." Sen dismissed the spell, returning to look like himself. "Is that better?"

    Andera was watching the crowd however, looking for anyone who might take a special interest in Sena's... High profile arrival. Arabeth came quickly, looking at both relieved and agitated. "Senatef! You have returned! Are you ok? Are the others? Have they returned as well? You hve all left under... disturbing circumstances..."
    S: "Well, after our talk of friendship just the day before, it looked like we didn't hve as much friends as we assumed."
    Ar: "You went away, without us settling the matter, we could not..."
    Sena was brimming with low cold anger: "You gave us no option but to flee. Our first priority was to make sure the safety of Drezen, and for that we had to go away."
    Arbeth was trying to apologize: "We have all made mistakes in this mess, what has transpired here..."
    S: "We all know that it was part of Jerribeth of the Jade's plan to confuse us. And to plant mistrust amongst us. But we need to be united if we wish to fight and win against the demons, against their trickery! For the future, we need to trust each other, even now words are reaching the ears of those infested enemies by spies by lies."
    Arabeth seemed somewhat mollified. "Why have you returned? Have the others?"
    Sena drew his figure up. "I have some news, but they are not for everyone..."

    At this point a mongrelfolk woman, partly in tears, partly enraged stepped forth. "More secrets? Wht about trust? Or are we not worthy of your trust? Like we were not worthy to know of Mad dog the demon, endangering us?!"
    At this Sena grew angrier "You are misleading and you are wrong! Jerribeth has the power to control and convey any one of us. What are you talking about you don't know the forces we are dealing with."
    Lyra, the mongrelfolk woman spoke against Sena "We learned tht you knew of the dnger he posed even before! Aravashnial the mage knew of it, but none of the others! Why have you kept this a secret!? He... he killed my husband... Oh Gerrik..." She broke down crying.
    Sena's anger was partially tempered, his words held some softness, yet were harsh at the same time. He spoke s much to the crowd as he spoke to her: "Everyone here knew the risks. Everybody, I know your pain, I have lost…. my real parents, my adoptive parents, even John, who meant a lot to me. We cannot always tell everyone everything (There were grunts of anger from the crowd) but we did EVERYTHING to lead us to a better future. Especially concerning the mongrelfolk. And if you think you will feel better or that this is what your husband wants, my blood over his…" He drew his dagger, and threw it to the ground in front of her, as he came down, removing a plate of his chest. "Will killing me ease your pain Lyra?" The poor woman shook with sorrow and grief. Sena turned to the crowd. "Alll of you! Do you think that persecuting us will help you? What do you want? You want blood? Let us aall join in killing demons! If not, then kill me! I have nothing more to lose!"

    Sena's performance and speech hit home, and some cheers went for him in the crowd, though there was still some confusion. But he did sway much of the crowd. Arabeth came towards him, speaking more softly "You sure know how to make an entrance!" Sena came to her "Is it this bad?" She gave him a grim look. "The sudden disappearance, after the mess gave a shock to the town. People are unsure what to think..."

    Andera's investigation

    As Sena spoke, Andera made an observation- Aravash who came rushing seem to pause, as if thinking of something, or hearing something, then he turned and walked back, trying to look nonchalant (As much as possible). Andera followed.

    He quickly came upon a trio- Aravash, Qulin and Anevia. "The alarm has went off. Someone is using Sena's speech to sneak into Julian's house!" Anevia looked concerned. "We can't call the guard that will alert whomever is inside! We'll just have to take them ourselves. Ready your spells!"
    Which is when Andera made his appearance. "No need for that, it is Julian."
    Anevia was surprised. "So you all came back! I see why you wouldn't want your presence known though."
    Andera agreed "We are trying to get a sort of n advantage over Jerribeth. We hoped to go in unnoticed, and avoid calling attention. But this may prove problematic now... How have things been in Drezen?"
    Aravash looked troubled. "Trouble. There was some inquiry, and I let out that Mad dog's situation was kept a secret, which was not taken well... There are some forces, those from the people who didn't fight with you, journey with you, who do not fully know who you are, which call for a more thorough investigation. The dwarves especially. Apparently there is some noble amongst them, who claims Drezen to be dwarven fort, and the latest development proving you not knowing how to handle it... He seeks to have trial, according to old dwarf laws, as this is dwarven hold."
    Andera Grimaced. "Anything else?"
    Qulin spoke (Andera noticed no groveling this time, not even a "Master"): "Horus is putting lot of effort into making friends, even supplying some of the other merchants with his guards, and helping the building process at nearly cost expenses..."
    Andera did not like the latest news (The party is quite conflicted about Horus. Some think he may be decent after all, some think he is up to something)
    Anevia asked "So what's now? What is the plan?"
    Andera thought for a moment. "I'm not fully sure. Now that our presence is known, this my change things. If possible, lets play it as if only Sena has returned. We aim to resupply, and achieve another goal, which I cannot tell you about. And then, hopefully fast enough, we leave. How goes the Sleepless Eye?"
    Anevia laughed "You're looking at it's leadership, the three of us. I recruited 5 more so far, and no exact base of operations yet, but we'll come up with something..."
    Andera nodded. "Very well, Lets go on our businesses then."

    DM design- arrival to Drezen
    I didn't expect that. I thought they might be going back to Drezen only after killing Jerribeth. So I improvised the whole lot. The parts about the dwarf noble and Horus just came from one of the many "help me with..." threads I put up. Apparently the party got caught up in some details, like the suggested trial and such. Oh well!

    Town stuff

    Various stuff done in the town:
    - Staunton Vhane's hammer- Heven's Fall was redeemed by the purity forge. However, Mad dog preferred his own weapons, and couldn't sell it. He keeps it s back up weapon for now.
    - Party sold bunch of stuff, and bought some items. Amongst them: Andera bought a belt of bodily perfection, and quite few demon bane arrows. Sena bies scroll of raise dead (They re expecting major trouble).
    - Julian upgraded Brilliance absorbing power from other item she has. Brilliance is currently +4 Cha, Int, +2 Will (I house ruled that legendary items can do so, in order to keep them relevant later on).
    - Julian tried exploring the Lexicon of Paradox, which proved... difficult- we rolled will saves per hour, and it damaged and at times drained her wisdom. However, rolling skill checks and saves seems quite boring. I have an idea for something better which I will discuss in a future post.

    Anevia came for a sneak visit at night. (When all were present in Julian's house)
    Ane: "So what have you all found?"
    J: "Jerribeth had a special influence on me and Mad dog, but we broke it."
    MD: "We did it... paradoxically." (Stig dish!)
    J: "We have more, but it might endanger the entire mission... or can we?"
    S: "NO!"
    And: "If we do it, than Jerribeth will surely find out. We cannot risk that!"
    Julian reluctantly agreed.
    Anevia sighed: "Well, it pains me that you have to keep secrets, but I understand the need for it."
    Julian stops her before she leaves: "We need to discuss this trial... I want you to look into it, see who is the leader, who is pushing to make it happen, and find whatever you can learn about them!"
    Anevi rolled her eyes "I know my job! But from the way things are going in the city, you will need to win the hearts of the people, not just find out who's after you."
    Julisan gave her a warm, yet dangerous smile "Oh, we intend to do just that!"
    They converse about the Sleepless Eye and a few other matters, while Sena goes outside.

    Sena had a few ideas in mind. At first the player thought to raise Lyra's husband. But the others talked him out of it. "Are you mad? Then EVERYONE will come after us, and we can't quite raise them all, can we?" (About 40 people died in Jerribeth "confusing spamming" rampage.) He also has few minor conversations, mostly to keep in touch with contacts. Julian also decides to go into Drezen to see Father Brian, and on the way stops by some soldiers, encouraging them to spread the word. "No more in hiding."

    As Julian came to meet with Brian, he gave her a hug. "Well, I understand you're causing distress amongst the demons!" to Julian's curious inquiry he elaborated "The scouts found a few small bands of tielfing coming near Drezen, but seemingly more curious than harmful. With the death of Scorsizor, the taking of Drezen and stirring up troubles... like you know how, well... It seems there is confusion and power shifts in their ranks. Though we are not yet sure, we captured only low underlings."
    Julian then sought to have Brian talk to the spiritual leaders of the other faiths on their behalf, also inquiring a bit about the gods themselves, for her... particular research.

    Final dream of Arulashee

    As the party slept in Julian's house (Each came in their own magical way, and Sena kept watch, going through his list of targets) Andera dreamed of the succubus again. He was in her tower, with the bell above, and the protective words around. She looked at him, drawing a breath, and then continuing "I will do what I have never done before. I will put my trust in you, Andera. Will you hunt me as well? If so, let be it. I tire of running, and the bell's power will fail soon. My trust, my faith, my soul with you. I hope it is warranted."
    Andera approached her. "Tell me where you are, so I will show you your trust was not misplaced". She then took his hand, and they launched up through the tower into the sky, several kilometers, to see the place from above. Andera saw the plateau where the tower was, and a light in the forest showed him the place.
    A: "And what of the hag, what forces does she have?"
    Ar: "I have destroyed some of her demons, but they are too many. Desna'a bell protects me, but she comes close to breaking the spell!" She turned to him. "Hurry! There is not much time, a few days at most!"
    They were again in the tower, and the words shook round them. "I am coming!" sid Andera, before the dream ended.

    DM design- dreams of Arulashee
    The module suggests one dream which is like the last dream, to enable the party to find Arulashee. I added more for a few reasons:
    - Some build up of the character which they wish to save.
    - To give Andera's player a bit more "spotlight roleplay time" for his character alone. He was only half way interested."

    Day 37- Going to rescue Arulashee!

    Andera informs the party of the dream, and they decide to get to her immediately. I drew the second plateau on the party's map. Unfortunately, the description was not enough for a teleport. They thought to scry on her, but reaaalized that if that was so easy, than she would have been found allready.

    Then Sena's player find the 6th level spell "Wind walk", which can transform the party into sort of semi clouds, and enables them to travel at ludicrous speed. They decided to teleport to Near Scorsizor's lair, and just fly from there!

    The spell calls for white clothes though, so the party got some white garbs for them (Prompting the "Here come Men in White, Galaxy Defenders!" ).

    Suddenly spoke: "You all know it's a trap, right? She suddenly trusts him? Right after we got the book?" But the party decides to risk it. (Damn! That could have been a cool idea! Oh well...) They teleport, turn into semi wind vapors, and start their speedy flight towards the hex with the ruined temple of Desna. Near the place they turn into themselves again, and use tons of spells, and some potions and such to buff themselves up.

    The slaughter

    The party turned to vapors again, and scouted the ruined temple. For those who haven't read it, the place is a ruin, with most of it open to the sky and thus observable from the party. The place has quite a few monsters around CR 10 (A derakni, Hezrou, 2 rift drakes+ incubus 3rd level riders, A Bebilith, and a group of minor opportunists such as Grimsalks and will-o-wisps. Oh, and Jaarunica, the hag, which is hidden under the only fully covered portion. There is also Arulashee's tower, which is protected by a Forbiddance spell, but she isn't supposed to come up till late.

    The party saw it all, except for Jaarunica, the Hezrou (In a well), and the Bebilith (Inside a nest made out of retreivers' bodies. With their semi translucent stte, no one noticed them. Surprise was on the party's side.

    The party decides to try and tackle the Derakni first (They think it may be mythic, like the one they fought before). They appear on the wall, and launch a coordinated attack!

    To Glory, Two steps from hell
    (I didn't have time to prepare specific music for this. I picked something for a valorous attack!)

    Andera jumped unseen, and Changi exclaimed "Bloood!" happily as the blade struck home. Julian shattered the surprised derakni's bone with a spell. Sena, looking like a large, iron skinned glowing angel, wielded the blde of paradox aand hit it from above, And then Mad dog jumped on it, nearly killing it. It then died out of bleed damage (Andera's bleeding attack)

    And the battle started rolling, in a pretty similar manner, with a slaughter of all the demons. The battle is supposed to be a rolling battle, and I indeed played it so, with only Jaarunica delayed a bit to cast some spells.

    andera, still invisible, ran towards the NW Drake (With Chanig whispering: "Soo much demon blood, after such a long time!") Julian halped him by turning the drake itself into a small turtle, with the surprised rider falling down bewildered, but quickly rushing towards the party, but bumping again the invisible Andera.

    The other Drake spitted it's ball of slowing acid, but only damaged the party a bit. It then flew and clashed with the onrushing Sena. The rider managed to even hit Sena bit (Who was surprised. His sky high C means he is almost never hit).

    The Hezrou comes from the well, it's stench itting the party, but Mad dog goes into a titan's rage (Mythic path ability), grows enormously, and rushes over the wall to meet the Hezrou. One ttack, and another with sudden attack, BOTH are confirmed hits, and the battlefield is splattered with Hezrou bits...

    Bebilith comes out, tries to capture Sena with a web (It ws out of range for anything else) nd the Grimslake start to burrow.

    Next round- Andera gives 3 succesful sneak attacks and 4 pieces of incubus rider fall down. Sena was a bit dismayed at this "How can I compete with these two damage output?" (He does round 20-25 with all spells if he goes into melee). "You're not supposed to, you do enough otherwise". Julian fears the bebilith, and so she "hold monster" it, as Mad dog progress towards it. Sena exchnge hits withthe rider and drake.

    On the next round, with the Bebilith still held, Andera grumbles "Wish I could be there..." But Changi whispers "I can take you there!" and moves him by dimension door on top of the Bebilith, where Andra sinkCHangi through it's eye in a beautiful Coup-de-grace!

    As Andera slides off it's carapace Mad dog grumbles "Still only counts as one!"

    Sena then manages to kill the incubus rider, s half the grimslakes come under him, and half near Mad dog and Andera (hey sensed Andera through tremorsense, but knew not where he was). Mad dog starts pest control, squashing ugly worms... Will-o-wisps come and zap various targets, to little effect.

    I decided that Jaarunica comes out now (Nt even having been able to complete casting her preparatory spells) She dispels Sena' Righteous might, and he's a bit bummed that he's no longer super big angel...

    Jarunica yells “Why do you even care about this creature? In life she was filth, and was judged, condemned, and even exalted for her wretchedness. Do you hear me? Judged by your own gods! She seduced and killed hundreds, if not thousands! Why do you care?"
    S: "Because YOU care!"
    J: "We just like to do things our way..."

    I decide that this battle is pretty much over, better have some drama out of it. Arulashee comes out. "You came! You actually came!" She shots at Jaarunica, but all arrows miss.". Jaarunica is beside herself "Heresy! I will put an end to you!"

    Julian is annoyed: "Enough of this!" And uses her rod to cast selective empowered mythic fireball (15d10, leaving the party unaffected. Not bad for blasting!) and kills off the grimslakes, though the will-o-wisps are unaffected. Jarrunica is alsodamaged, but not lot. Sena blasts her with two channel energy, damaging some more. But she cares not, and rushes to Arulshee and confirms!

    Or not? Sena waves his hand "Not on my watch!" and uses divine intervention (A feat) to make Jaarunica reroll with a penalty, missing the succubus.

    Then Mad dog rushes to the witch. crits, confirms twice, and since his multiplier is bigger that means x5 his damage- his roll was 10d6+205...

    I did mention this battle was an utter slaughter, didn't I?

    Chandi was a bit bummed out it didn't make the kill. "Oh... she wasn't demon anyway..."


    Ar: "Andera, you have come as Desna promised!" (I gave the party some description and a pic of her, and included the many symbols of Desnan worship)
    An: "You have not changed since the dreams..."
    J: "Welcome to our team!"
    Ar: "I never thought anyone would risk their lives for me..."
    S: "Any enemy of Jerribeth, is a friend of ours!"
    Julian quickly corrected this: "Not just anyone who opposes Jerribeth, but anyone who opposes evil, such as you."
    Arulashee seemed uncertain "You do not know what I have..." but Julian waved it off "What's in the past is in the past."
    An: "The power of your change, of your repentance, of transformation gave me much inspiration. With the tieflings I led, with Millorn, with others..."
    Arulashee seemed a bit relieved "If you have manged to change them so, maybe so could I?"
    Sena was mesmerized by the symbols of Desna: "Many things are possible, that were not so. You re a demon, yet a follower of Desna, whom she chose. Isn't that itself amazing?"
    Arulashee was a bit perplexed. "Yes, she gave it to me." She didn't catch Sena's drift. She didn't know of Paradox.
    Julian had other pressing matters: "DO you know of the location of the Ivory Sanctum?"
    Arulashee nodded, confused. "Yes, I do. It holds the most powerful servants of Baphomet and Deskari in this region. Why?"
    J: "We must go there. We must end them."
    Arulashee seemed to hesitate: "It is in what's left of the Green Gates forest but... I would go anywhere with you, I cannot repay your debt, but... I fear that demonic presence, especially that of Jerribeth, may be too much for me to handle. I may freeze, or even... worse... the seed of evil is still strong in me, if evoked."
    Julin put a firm, yet comforting hand on her shoulder "We all have to fight our demons. outer demons, inside demons, real ones and metaphorical ones. We all have to fight them."
    Mad dog coughed: "Um, maybe we should get out of this place first? If it's scried upon, we'll have reinforcements soon enough."
    Julian held a hand to Arulashee "Will you come with us?"
    She looked at them, put her hand inside Andera's hand "I trust Andera, and his friends. I will come with you!"
    Andera turned to her: "What is your plan?"
    She looked on resolutely "To continue on my path to redemption, and help you however I can."
    Andera looked at her. "And I shall help you!" (Changi: "We'll stab her in the back afterwards, right? Right?" )
    Mad dog: "Right! So... what's next?"

    Each player's XP: 191,500

    The party discussed some options. Julian player's wantto go back to the city, the rest do not, and they don't know how to deal with Arulashee now. Enough to deal with in the next session, I'm sure.

    I hope you're enjoying, drop a line if you do!
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