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Thread: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Feats!

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    I grant permission, by the way. Hey, can I make one for myself?

    Spoiler: Troacctid's Swiftness
    Troacctid's Swiftness
    Why would you want to stand still for the whole fight? You think that's dumb. You've read the 5th Edition Player's Handbook and you have some better ideas.

    Base attack bonus +6, must be proficient with one or more martial weapons

    You can make a full attack as a standard action. You can also make a full attack with melee weapons while mounted, even if your mount moves more than 5 feet.

    Making a full attack requires a full round action, and you cannot make more than one melee attack while mounted if your mount moves more than 5 feet.

    This feat can be used in conjunction with a Spring Attack, Flyby Attack, or Swim-By Attack, allowing you to make each of your attacks at any point during your movement. (This replaces the single attack made in a Spring Attack, although you may still avoid attacks of opportunity from one target as normal, and Bounding Assault and Rapid Blitz still function normally if you have them.)

    At 6th level, a monk may select Troacctid's Swiftness as her bonus feat, even if she does not have the prerequisites.

    A fighter may select Troacctid's Swiftness as one of his fighter bonus feats. A scout may select Troacctid's Swiftness as one of her scout bonus feats. A ranger using the Champion of the Wild variant may select Troacctid's Swiftness as one of his Champion of the Wild bonus feats.
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