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In its last sentence, Starving Vampire Stance refers to itself as a maneuver, rather than as a stance.
I'll see if I can get that fixed in the PDF.

Also, what is the point of Gravekeeper's Vigil nemesis? Don't deflection bonuses already apply to touch AC?
Right now that bonus only applies against critical confirmation rolls. If you take Vigil, it applies against all touch attacks, as well as against critical hit confirmation.

Headstone Breaking Strike: 4 ability damage on a successful attack roll, with no save, seems awfully powerful for a strike available at character level 3. Am I missing something here that makes this more tame than it looks?
Meant to revise that to 1d4, forgot to fix it. Sorry, don't hurt me >.>

The wording on Epidermal Fissure's first augment is messed up. Can this be applied more than once per casting?
Gonna get that fixed too, apply just once.

Otherwise, looks very good. Have some ideas for vampire PCs I'd like to run, and this vampire template looks much easier to put on a PC without ruining the campaign than the Bestiary one. I'm also looking forward to using the Unquiet Grave discipline, especially on a Zealot where I can combine its temp HP with martyrdom.
Woo! Glad to hear you like it, and thanks for the feedback/catches. You got us just in time; we almost released :V