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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk748 View Post
    Wow i missed the start of the a new GitP Regulars as... thread, this is what i get for not being on in a week Oh well, i Grant Permission
    I've got this one.

    Blackhawk Companion
    Blackhawks are specially trained combat hawks, trained for war. Those who can tame one earn a loyal and deadly ally.
    Prerequisites: BAB +4, Animal Companion class feature
    Benefits: Your may take a Blackhawk as an animal companion. Treat this creature as a Hawk, with the following changes.
    • Effective Druid Level: If you are not a Druid, your effective Druid level for the purpose of determining your Blackhawk's power is equal to your class level which advances your animal companion. For example, a level 6 Ranger is treated as a level 6 Druid for the purpose of measuring his Blackhawk's power. This ability has no effect if you are a Druid.
    • Flanking: Blackhawks are trained to flank enemies in combat. When you and your Blackhawk are flanking an enemy, you both receive double the benefit (i.e. +4 to attacks instead of +2). Treat the Blackhawk's reach as 5 for flanking purposes.
    • Sighting: You and your Blackhawk have trained to hunt together, and it can help signal the direction of fleeing prey. If your Blackhawk has line of sight to a target, you gain +2 to ranged attack rolls against that target. If you have the Favored Enemy class feature, this bonus is doubled (+4).
    • Diving Charge: A Blackhawk receives the Diving Charge feat (Races of the Wild) as a bonus feat.
    • Perfect Maneuverability: Unlike the ordinary hawk, the Blackhawk has perfect maneuverability.
    In all other respects, treat the Blackhawk as an ordinary animal companion.
    Normal: Ordinarily, animal companions are selected from the animal companion list, and non-Druids take a reduced Druid level for their advancement.

    I feel like it's a bit underwhelming for a feat, but I'm not sure what else I could add. The goal is to make an avian animal companion that's effective in combat, but I feel like I'm coming up short.
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