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    Default Re: Alchemist - Potent Potables and Other Avenues of Medieval Science

    So I know this is a double post, but I have a couple of questions.
    1) Can you make potions at any point throughout the day? The text seems to imply yes, but does not explicitly say so. It says you CAN prepare them during a long rest, but if you do, then they count against your potions for the next day, which implies you can make them outside of said long rest.
    2) Also, how long does a potion made in that way take to prepare? I would assume an action, but it really doesn't say. It's a nonissue when preparing them as part of a long rest, but kind of a big deal outside of it.
    3) When you stack multiple transmutation altering discoveries on one transmutation, if those discoveries require you to spend alchemical supplies do you total all the supplies required and then subtract any reductions of cost from your Transmutation Power Source ability, or do you subtract any reductions of cost from each ability individually? From what I gather it is the second one. Just to clarify, an example:
    I have Transmutation Power Source I and use Transmute Bullet. In conjunction with Transmute Bullet I decide to create a railgun (costing 1 alchemical supply) and use 1 rank of Density Manipulation (also costing 1 alchemical supply). After figuring in the reduction from Transmutation Power Source I, the total cost of alchemical supplies would be 0 or 1? If I am understanding correctly the answer is 0.
    EDIT: Also, where exactly does it say what being set on fire does. I mean, I know it should be obvious, but does it say in the phb or dmg how much damage it does? It might be a good idea to put a reminder of the amount with the bomb description.
    Thank you for this excellent class. I honestly believe this is the best Alchemist I have seen for 3rd, 4th, or 5th edition. I'm hoping that one of the player's in a campaign I am running will make one of these so I can see it in action.
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