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    Quote Originally Posted by Nettlekid View Post
    Really? I like those articles. They seem very RAI-ish, which I like. Things that are along the lines of "Hmm, yeah, that makes sense if the interact like that." Can you point out some articles that very obviously make you think "Jeez, what were they even thinking here?"
    So, full disclosure: I've found errors in RotG articles before, but for the sake of time I'll fall back on the internet.

    Let's search for GiantITP for Rules of the game: Grappling.

    First result quotes: "If you have multiple natural weapons, however, you can use all of them while grappling."

    Quote Originally Posted by SRD
    You can make an attack with an unarmed strike, natural weapon, or light weapon against another character you are grappling.
    Let's search for Antimagic (same search, just replacing "grapple"). First result leads here, where they point out Skip Williams saying: "When a spell is aimed into an area of antimagic from somewhere outside the area, the antimagic blocks line of effect for the spell and the spell most likely fails."

    When I search for natural weapons, the top result has "pathfinder" in the title. The second result appears only because Rubik told someone not to try citing them. The third result finally actually mentions the rules: "The creature must make all unarmed attacks with its primary limb, which prevents that hand from being used for a natural attack such as a claw or slam."

    The first result for "Polymorphing" on GiantITP is here, which makes 3 claims about his ROTG Polymorphing series. As far as I can tell, the first two are false, but understandable mistakes: He says "You can turn into W, X, and Z, and here's what you gain for each type" and then includes what you gain for turning into Y. Technically he didn't err there. The third claim, that turning into a creature with the native subtype gives elementals and outsiders souls, is rather more suspect. The second result, here, cites an example where the article is incorrect due to later errata of the rules (the polymorph subschool general rules). The fourth result references this as well, but nobody in the thread was familiar with the errata, so they accepted it. It seems that, at least at the time, nearly all of these articles were correct - if insanely misleading.

    I chose these because they're all things I've needed to know about (although again, I used the search to expedite my search for issues within the articles). As you may be able to guess, wild shape and polymorph effects are something of an area of expertise for me (I still debate with Eggynack over PM sometime). The antimagic issue was important for a really ugly dustup I had with Psyren and Fax last year about the ability type of spells.

    Dropping sarcasm, most of the RotG articles are right. It's just that they tend to include tiny errors often enough that you need a second source for any ruling you make with them, thereby rendering them somewhat worthless.