Stack's Third Eye
Descriptors: Good
Chakra: Headband
Class: Guru

In the middle of your forehead, a third eye opens. It peers slightly forward and backward in time, letting you more easily see the patterns of combat and letting you gain crucial insight into both combat and the world itself.
This veil gives you the ability to anticipate situations which would otherwise have been unforseeable and to act upon that knowledge. It gives a +1 bonus to Initiative, and to any save or skill check made to react to surprise (such as a Reflex save to avoid a rockfall, or a Ride check to keep your seat when you take damage).
Essence: Increase the bonus to Initiative, Skill checks, and Saves by 1 per point of Essence invested.

Bind: Binding this veil greatly enhances your Philosophy's purpose. It only gives these bonuses if you have the Philosophy class ability, and only the one for your Philosophy.
Akasin: Increase the capacity of your Gentle Touch by one, and when you Meditate to gain temporary essence an additional amount equal to the Essence invested in this Veil.
Sineater: When attacking Evil creatures, Essence invested into your Gentle Touch is increased by half of what is invested in this Veil. Any time you confirm a critical hit against a creature with Intelligence of 3 or more, you can recover an additional point of Essence Burn.
Vayist: Gain an Insight bonus to CMB and CMD equal to the essence invested in this Veil, and negate penalties to attack rolls (such as from Power Attack) up to half of what is invested in this veil.