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I, too, will partake in the granting of permission.
Alright, you get to be my guinea pig. Congratulations, please try not to die.

Stirge's Stinger
Descriptors: none
Class: Vizier
Slot: Head, Headband
Saving Throw: Fort
There's life out there for you to enjoy, why not take a bite?
Your senses heighten and you gain the ability to sense the very life essence of creatures around you. You gain blindsight out to a range of 20 ft.
Essence: The range of your blindsight increases by 5 ft. per point of essence.
Chakra Bind (Head):[V6] When this veil is bound to your head slot, you gain a sting attack as a secondary natural attack. This attack deals 1d6 damage if you are medium size, and if you hit with the attack, the target must succeed on a fortitude save or take 2 points of constitution damage.
Chakra Bind (Headband):[V12] By binding this veil to your headband slot, you gain the ability to summon and direct a swarm of stirges. Summoning the swarm is a standard action, and directing it is a move action. The swarm persists for 1 minute per point of essence invested in this veil.