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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Soulmelds/Veils!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Wolf View Post
    I give my permission, if anyone's interested in doing one for me.
    Bad Wolf's Pelt
    Descriptors: none
    Class: Daevic, Guru, Vizier
    Slot: shoulders
    Saving Throw: none
    First shaped by hunters in the savage north, the this pelt lends you the strength of the wild hunter.
    You gain the scent ability with a range of 30 ft (modified by wind as usual).
    Essence: For every point of essence invested in this veil, you gain a +2 competence bonus to survival checks to follow trail by scent and 1 DR/silver.
    Chakra Bind (shoulders): [D10, V10] With at least 1 essence invested you can turn into a wolf as Beast Shape I as a standard action with unlimited duration. Changing back requires a standard action. If you have at least 3 essence invested you may instead change per Beast Shape II and may take the form of a dire wolf. With 5 essence invested you may use Beast Shape III and turn into a worg or giant dire wolf. With 7 essence, Beast Shape IV and turn into a winter wolf or elder worg. You cannot reassign essence from this veil while changed. If essence is removed (by essence burn, spell effect, or other cause) you immediately revert to your normal form. This veil counts as wildshape for feats and effects that modify wildshape, such as wild speech or powerful wildshape.
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