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Oh, I give permission. I forgot to do it earlier.
Snowbluff's Minion Band
Descriptors: Cold
Class: Vizier
Slot: Ring
Saving Throw: none
You summon a servant from the icy depth of the Everfrost
You may call a warrior of snow and ice with a 10 minute ritual. This warrior is a medium sized mindless construct with half of the creatorís total hit points, attack bonus equal to the veilweaver level plus veilweaving modifier, saves as a construct with HD equal to veilweaver level, and a MW martial weapon and breastplate with which it is proficient. The construct is healed by cold damage and vulnerable to fire. For all other purposes it has 16 str, 14 dex, - Con, -Int, 10 Wis, 10 Cha. The construct may be dismissed as a standard action, destroying it.
Essence: With 1 essence, and every 2 essence thereafter (3,5,etc), the construct gains 5 temporary hit points and +1 natural armor. With 2 essence invested and every 2 essence thereafter, the constructís weapons gain an enhancement bonus equal to half the invested essence. Once created, any essence in this veil is locked until the construct is destroyed or dismissed.
Chakra Bind (ring):[V9] You may create a number of such constructs equal to the amount of essence invested in this veil. The total hit points of the created constructs cannot exceed twice your maximum HP and no one construct can have more than half of your total HP.

To give his other servants a break.