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Permission granted.

I'll refrain from making any contributions given the contest I put forth.
And there is number four of the ones I had pre-written. Ssalarn, yours is the Vizier equivalent of Daevic Essence, with abilities that change depending on your Path.

Ssalarn's Ring of Disruption
Descriptors: none
Class: Vizier
Slot: Ring
There is something to be said for expertise in making one thing work. This ring is the spirit of the opposite, meant to rip the opposing efforts down.
Unlike most Veils, this one has no effect unless Essence is invested. Its effects vary depending on the Path of Mystic Attunement you have chosen. If you do not have one, then choose one any time you shape this veil.
Crafter: All allies within Close range of you gain an Insight bonus to saves against all effects generated by magic items equal to the essence invested.
Ruler: Those subjected to your Aura of Subjugation also take a penalty equal to the invested essence to all Charisma-based skills
Seer: One enemy within close range per point of Essence invested into this veil takes a -4 penalty on attacks of opportunity.

The effect of this Veil when bound depends on your Path
Crafter: For every two points of Essence invested into Items, you gain one point of temporary essence. This temporary essence cannot be invested into items.
Ruler: Once per encounter, as a standard action, you can force one enemy who is subjected to your Aura of Subjugation to make a Will save or else treat all creatures as enemies for one round per veilweaver level. This is a mind-affecting effect.
Seer: Enemies within Close range cannot gain Flanking bonuses or use Teamwork feats.