And now, ladies and gentlemen... and frost demons... and time travelers... and androids... and time-traveling androids... and... hillbilly saiyans? Whatever, here comes LORD SATAN!

Spoiler: Lord Achill Satan.
Age: 29
Gender: Male:
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 201 lbs
Species: Human
Station: Self-proclaimed Noble/Hired Thug

Spoiler: Description
A buff, brown-haired fellow of an imposing figure. Looking directly into his eyes can be difficult for the weak willed, as his mustache and goatee are terrifying beautiful beyond imagining. From top to bottom he wears loose white robes held in place by lacing and a leather belt, loose black leggings and black boots with blue lacing through them. A fantastic blue cape drapes the entire visage, adding a layer of mystery to the hairy gentleman.

Spoiler: Personality
When it comes to making friends, Satan is... terrible at it. That's why he let's his "Page-boys", fanbase and good old peer pressure do the friending for him. Chatting with the man for an extended period of time, however, will reveal the bad traits as well as the good ones. He's got an ego. A bit of a mean-streak. And a liar when he needs to be. But he still cares about the ideals he proclaims so often in the papers: Justice. Honor. Protection of the innocent. Muscles. Sausage. And perfect hair. Yeah.

Spoiler: History
After being disowned by his family for marrying a peasant woman (and for having it happen the night before he fled his arranged wedding, hoho!) Earl Saton went out into the world to find a new fortune. Although he found life difficult outside of the royal family, his wife Samantha helped him to adjust, work many crafting jobs such as pottery and shoemaking, and find happiness as a low-class citizen.

Until some flying Kung-Fu wizard flew by and offed her. What's worse, Earl saved this weirdo from some wicked monster—ya know, this is a pretty testy subject. Let's just leave that part of his life in the dark for now. All ya gotta know is that Earl swore some oath and completely changed his identity to that of Achill Satan. After tracking down one of the jerk-wizard's old teachers, he began training in martial arts and used these skills to defend politicians and citizens (but mostly politicians) from those strongly against said leader's agenda. Those he protects usually gain many supporters when defended from an enemy by Satan, especially if the attack was a publicity stu—whoops, more testy territory. Not gonna go there. Anyways, that's Satan for ya.

Spoiler: Story So Far

Spoiler: Abilities
Martial Arts Mastery: An expert in a wide variety of martial arts, including his own secret technique: Satan Style!

Pot-pots: Maybe that's what he'd call them if he could speak about them in public. Once after a very successful day in the pottery shop he and his wife stumbled upon a strange formation of clay that, after being hardened, would be prone to break easily, yet dissolve into liquid at the slightest temperature change. Later, he would develop them into red-colored balls which he has stored in his robes. If an enemy proves to be too much of a challenge, he simply slaps them with one, causing it to break and dig into their skin. It's quite painful to ordinary humans.

Spring boots: Specialized boots which allow Satan to jump over twelve feet into the air, and yet land safely, although it took many days and many head-wounds before he could use it safely. This he stole from some snot-nosed inventor who dared to insult his wife during the shoe-making days.

Dumb Luck: He takes the worst wounds yet still manages to recover to full strength, and barely avoids death in most of his jobs to protect a higher-up. It's like, some sorcerous universal author just decided it would be funnier to let him live through these crazy events as comic relief.

If someone else want's to go for great ancestor Satan I'm willing to change the character a bit.