This one comes from a joke you made about your name a while back, and gives some exploration space for a couple of concepts that Veils really haven't done before.

The Third Version
Descriptors: none
Chakra: any
Class: Guru, Vizier
As you concentrate your power, glowing blue-white lines travel along your skin from the new source to your other Veils, reinforcing and empowering them.
With this Veil shaped, all veils you have shaped increase their Hardness by 1 and their HP by 5.
Essence: Increase the hardness bonus by one and the HP bonus by five for every point of Essence invested. For every two points invested, increase the save DC of all of your veils by one.

Bind: choose another Veil which you have Bound. This veil now duplicates it, gaining the Shape and Essence effect of that Veil (it still retains its own effects)