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    I have a spell! Thank you, Lightlawbliss!
    I have a ring! Thank you, Oko and Qailee!
    I also have a cloak, lute and another lute thanks to Zaydos!
    I have a race! Thank you, LoyalPaladin!
    I have a feat! Break it down, Elricaltovilla!
    It has happened. I now have a god form and an Elder Evil form! Hooray for Seclora and Dromuthra!
    I have a veil! It's awesome, Elricaltovilla!
    I have a pair of maneuvers now thanks to Zaydos and LoyalPaladin!
    Bards are even better thanks to some Alternate Class Features! Thanks LoyalPaladin!
    I have been given a quest-giver NPC persona! Very much appreciated, Zaydos.
    Two special bardic materials made for my by Zaydos and LoyalPaladin!
    I have my own bardic cleric domains! Thanks, IZ42 and Zaydos!
    To go with my god form, I now have a relic of power! Thanks to IZ42!
    I've been made into a planeswalker! Thanks, Draconium!
    I've got a bardic skill boosting feat now, thanks to Zaydos!
    I've got a vestige and a vestige mastery feat! Thanks,

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