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Damnit snowbluff.

Consent given
War-Forged Soul
Descriptors: none
Class: Daevic
Slot: Blood
Saving Throw: none
You call upon the strength and resilience of the living construct to aid you in battle.
You gain a slam attack dealing 1d4 damage (medium) and 1 DR/adamantine. You may change the type of damage this attack does as a swift action, reshaping your limbs as required.
Essence: For each point of essence invested, your slam damage increases by 2 and your DR increases by 1.
Chakra Bind (Hands):[D4] You gain a second slam attack and may treat your slams as having the reach property when beneficial.
Chakra Bind (Blood):[D12] You gain an untyped bonus against all mind-affecting effects equal to 1+essence invested and may take a point of essence burn to re-roll any save against a mind-affecting effect as an immediate action after the result is known.

Basically, it makes you more like a warforged that can reshape your body to a limited degree, reflecting both avatar and to a lesser degree the mutant class homebrew. The reach property is basically to reflect stretching limbs as needed, similar to the warshaper.