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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Soulmelds/Veils!

    Quote Originally Posted by Threadnaught View Post
    [Insert Picture of Threadnaught Granting Permission]

    Descriptors: teleportation
    Class: Vizier
    Slot: Wrist, Chest
    Saving Throw: Reflex
    What does I word mean? If I call here there, does it change? Yes, it does.
    You can quickly trade positions with an ally via teleportation. As a move action, you may swap positions with a willing creature within 30 ft to which you have line of effect. Should the creatures not be the same size, the larger creature must occupy all of the squares previously occupied by the smaller creature and the smaller can choose any of the squares of the larger. If the space is too small, the swap fails.
    Essence: The range of this ability increases by 10 ft per point of essence. For every 2 points of essence, you may include another willing creature, shuffling positions between all targets.
    Chakra Bind (Wrists):[V8] Whenever targeted by an attack, you may open a portal to a nearby location, redirecting their blow. Spend an attack of opportunity to force the attacker to roll a reflex save. If they fail, choose a creature or square within 30 ft + 10 ft/essence. The attack is resolved against that creature, or wasted if against an empty square. Alternately, you may redirect a line effect passing through your space upon the originator failing the reflex save, ending the line at a point adjacent to you and choosing any square within range to continue the remaining length of the line in a direction of your choosing.
    Chakra Bind (Chest):[V18] You may cast Greater Teleport 1+veilweaver mod times per day, using your veilweaver level as your caster level.

    My understanding of the word rudisplork is limited, mostly consisting of a vague understanding that it became a joke word to replace cheating in a rather infamous thread. Hope the fluff works well enough.
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