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    Name: TurboGhast, but in PbP would prefer character name IC.
    Ways to Contact: PM.
    Posting Frequency: Daily, but if not enough people have posted before me I will wait to do so.
    Type of Campaign: 4e and 5e D&D.
    Types of Characters 4e: Anything as needed from PHB 1 - 3.
    Types of Characters 5e: Casters, or someone else with an ability to occasionally pull stronger attacks. (Casters includes any class that can cast a spell) Merely a preference, I won't refuse to play a game because magic isn't in the world.
    Old Characters: Blue "Open" = Can be requested to be played in a new game if and only if the DM asks, since they don't have a complete story. Red "Closed" means the opposite.
    Dorn. Open
    Riya. Open
    Old Campaigns: 4e by the books., Demon-Lord Mepudon 4e
    Other Information: Set a hard limit for self at 3 PbP games, currently at 1.
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