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    Without further ado, I humbly present to this to you...

    Spoiler: The Steel Emperor Forge Master
    Steel Emperor Forge Master

    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”
    ― Plato

    The Bellator is an almost impossibly powerful war god of the battlefield with few if any equal in the art of martial combat. But even the most potent of these godlike warriors know they must constantly improve themselves. They train unending forcing themselves to fight and train until their body nearly breaks only for them to push and surpass those limits, but even then they do not always measure up. For while the martial skill of Bellator is rivaled only be the most potent lords of the planes even the Strongest of Bellators , while in no ways weak, are less physically powerful then Elder Dragons, Gods, and Teramachs. There are those that have found their answer in the forge. After honing their ability to subsume their own creations in their narrative they create weapons and armors that are completely unmatched by God or Titan. They create armor that literally stand as a colossus of Steel, Adamantine, Mythril or even more exotic materials called Steel Emperors. Who's construction is so mixed in Myth that was forged into them that they can mimic the function of other disciplines so long as the Bellator mixes the right narrative in them.

    Their Story is one of unending progress of war in its most horrifying form. Their existence constantly and forever changes the face of warfare into something almost no being but those of the oldest war has possibly ever seen.


    While perhaps not as difficult to qualify for as a the Holocaust Sun or the Tiger-General Sovereign, the investment to enter this class is large enough that it takes a focus to be eligible to become one. The Steel Emperor Forge Master is a mindset that shifts the Bellator's entire narrative into the focus of the ideal of warfare that is likely much different than the ideal many in DnD planes would think. Although any Bellators can enter the class with the right Mythos' many of those that choice to enter this class were previously Craftsman of Legendaria as simply the next step into becoming in their quest to improve their weapons Indefinitely

    Entry Requirements
    Skills: Craft [Armorsmithing] 23, Craft [Weaponsmithing] 23, 2 different Crafts at 23 Ranks,
    Mythos:Unmatched in [Armorsmithing],Unmatched in [Weaponsmithing],Summon the Loyal Steel,Armament-Forging Soldier Sagacity(All Advancements),Forge in the Fires of Myth (All Advanments)

    Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Any), Listen, Martial Lore, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Spellcraft, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope

    Hit Dice: d10

    Level Special Mythos Known
    1st The Steel Mythos, Craft Steel Emperor (Large), Equipment Mastery VI +0
    2nd Craft Steel Emperor (Huge) +1
    3rd Ghost in the Steel +0
    4th Craft Steel Emperor (Gargantuan) +1
    5th March of Unending Steel +0
    6th Craft Steel Emperor (Colossus) +1
    7th Sempiternal Mythos +1
    8th Craft Steel Emperor (No limit), Eternal Lord of the War Forge +1

    The Steel Mythos: With the Steel Emperor Forge Master class, a Bellator continues to gain new Mythos, which follow the same rules as The Iron Mythos, but these are unique to this class, and express the Steel Mythos own legends, rather than those of the common Bellator. New Mythos Known gained from this class may be drawn from the Bellator's pool of available Mythos, or from the new Mythos listed below. A Steel Emperor Forge Master adds his class levels to his Bellator levels to determine his Bellator "class level" for the purposes of Mythos whose effects are dependent on class level.

    Some Mythos are listed as "Sempiternal", which is the fifth tier of Mythos, above Exalted, and the Steel Emperor Forge Master gains the ability to begin learning them at 7th level. The cost of learning a new Sempiternal Mythos, above the ones automatically granted by level, is 200,000 Mythos Points and 20,000xp.

    Craft Steel Emperor: You are a forgers of legends themselves and can craft the greatest of armors. You may craft the mighty armors known by many names, Draconic Chassis Armor, Iron Giant Armor, Mimic Golem Armor, or indeed Steel Emperor Armor. They all almost as a rule cover the entire body leaving no weak-spots to exploit and with almost no way to discern who the wearer is. These mighty armors can allow even the weakest of Commoners to become extraordinary killing machines as the armor itself guides its unskilled wearer into the correct course of attack. The armor does not even hinder your movements in anyway and in fact moves itself to mimic your own movements or if the user prefers can move the armor with his own mind. Almost any and all imaginable upgrade can be forge into the Steel Emperor Armor, some more extreme than others but all with their own price.

    Spoiler: Base Stats of Armor
    The Base Statistics of a Medium Sized S.E.A is as followed:
    Price: (See Below): Armor Bonus: +15: Max Dexterity Bonus: - :Armor Check Penalty: 0:
    Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 0%: Movement: Base Speed plus 5: Weight: 25 lbs.* While being worn the armor is considered effectively weightless to the wearer.

    The only people able to use a Steel Emperor Armor is its creator or any who the creator has given permission to use it. If the Forge Master choices he can revoke that permission at any time and if he does so while the revoked is wearing that armor disappears into the Bellator's Elsewhere or right beside him as he choices. The Forge Master also has the option to simply make it open for anyone to use, but as can be imagined they do so rarely.

    Unlike many armors the Steel Emperor Armor allows those who are any size category smaller to don it. It takes a person 5 minutes to don the armor normally and 2 minutes to doff the Armor, normally. If a creature from a smaller body enters a larger steel emperor armor while wearing it your size is considered to have been changed to the size of the Steel Emperor Armor for all intents and purposes. You gain the increases and decreases in stats as growing in size normally implies and may even lose your ability to use certain mythos or excellencies based on your new size or have them reduced in effect (Such as Step,Step,Cut and Standing against the Horde). Also when one is using this armor you may replace your Dexterity mod AC bonus with you Intelligence modifier. If your total attack roll modifier does not equal the armor's HD (See below) you gain pluses to you Attack roll until it equals the armors HD. For example if Joe the level one commoner farmer is using an HD 6 Armor his -1 attack roll modifier is replaced with a +6 attack roll modifier. Note that the armors guidance does not replace a wearers BAB so a level one commoner wearing the armor still only retains one attack.

    When a enemy hits the wearer of the Steel Emperor Armor the damage is first dealt to the Armor itself. When the Steel Emperor's armor is out of HP if the armor is one size category larger then you or smaller the excess damage lowers the wearer's HP. If the Armor is two size categories larger then you or larger when it loses the last of its HP the Armor collapses all around you dealing you Xd12 damage where X is the Armors HD. The S.E.A has a base HD value of 1d12, Also instead the wearer adds his Intelligence modifier to the Armor's HP for each HD the S.E.A has. A medium S.E.A's HD can be upgraded to have HD as high as the crafters HD. Large S.E.A's HD must be made with a minimal HD of 5 but can be upgraded to have (crafters HD x 1.5) HD. For each size category more than large add 5 to the S.E.A's minimal HD and add 0.5 to the multiplier to the Armors maximum HD (Example for Huge S.E.A being (Crafters HD x 2) and Gargantuan being (Crafters HD x 2.5))

    As with any armor this armor can be crafted with enhancement bonus to the best of the Forgers abilities. Also Since the Armor itself cover the wearer completely it can be forged with the effects of magic items as if it counted for each item slot, but replaces any magic item the wearer might have been wearing previously. So the army may also include the effect of a Cloak of Resistance +5 in its shoulder slots, but replaced your Cloak of Charisma +6 that you were wearing before you donned the S.E.A. You may also upgrade the armor with limited use items such as scrolls or wands that are built into the armor itself this doesn't take an item slot space and a wearer does not have to make a usual Use Magic Device check in order to use these effects. If you wish upon forging or reforging (to upgrade) an S.E.A you may meld the armor together with a magic item and will only have to pay the XP cost to create the item as Mythos points. Doing so puts the items effect into the items proper slot or in the armor in general.

    The base price for forging is the sum of the Chassis Cost and the Upgrade Costs. The actual amount of gold you have to pay for the base materials is 1/3 of the base price. At the end of forging the armor itself, You must also pay an amount of Mythos points equal to the base price of the Steel Emperor Armor divided by 25. After all that is done the Steel Emperor Armor is complete and ready to use.

    The Chassis Cost is ((1,000gp+ (500gp x Armor's HD))+ (Rare Material cost for Heavy Armor, such as Mithral or Adamantine) x Armor Size cost adjustment (Large is x2, Huge is x4, Gargantuan is x8, etc.)

    The Upgrade Cost is (The base price of enhancement bonus + the sum of the price of any magic items built into the armor)

    At level 2 you may craft Huge S.E.A's. level 4 Gargantuan. level 6 Colossus, and at level 8 of Steel Emperor Forge Master you may craft a Steel Emperor of any size that you are willing to spend for.

    Equipment Mastery VI: You may completely Don or Doff any Armor as a free action. And for the purposes of Mythos 'Summoning the Loyal Steel', 'Thousand Arms Prana', and any other mythos that uses Elsewhere, your Armor is considered a weapon that can be summoned or placed in Elsewhere. Also if you Don your Armor on Directly from Elsewhere you deal that armors HD to all enemies in or adjacent of your armors space. They may roll a reflex save equal to the HD in bashing damage of your armor to take half damage.

    Ghost in the Steel: The power of the Steel Emperor’s is that it is almost infinitely up-gradable. Being able to be upgraded with almost any and all thinkable upgrades, but all the upgrades in the imagination are of little use if the wearer can't use them due to their training. So the Forge master must continue to work. Using a similar ,if weaker, method forging a Syntrofor the forge master can give the armor either a pseudo intelligence giving the wearer knowledge and skills that he may not have originally possessed and contingent actions programmed into the armor.

    In order to give it these upgrade, In the process of giving the Mythos Points to complete the S.E.A/S.L.A you may also add Mythos Points to the cost of the armor. For each 100 Mythos Points given to the S.E.A/S.L.A you may give the armor a skill rank in a skill that you or a willing helper possess up to the ranks in the skill that you yourself possess or it's HD+3 whatever is lower. For Example if you had 23 ranks in the Tumble skill you may spend 2,300 MP to give the armor 23 ranks in tumble normally, but if the armor only has an HD of 15 then you could only give it a tumble rank of 18. When a wearer is inside the armor if their rank in any skill is lower then the armors then they use the armors rank instead as they bestow knowledge into the wearer directly or simply move/think in the correct fashion when the need to use that skill arises.

    Also, In the process of giving MP to complete the Armor you may have the armor gain a feat for each 500 MP given to the S.E.A/S.L.A. that you or a helper know. For the purpose of prerequisite of forged feats this the Armor's HD is considered it's BAB or the user's BAB whichever is higher, and all its Abilities are considered the same as the wearers so it is possible to give an armor a feat that the wearer cannot himself use which simply makes the feat 'inert' and unable to be used.

    And Lastly, In the Process of giving the Armor mythos points you may spend 10 mythos points to give the armor a 'contingent action' that the armor is capable of performing. Using a similar means of determining a contingent as the contingency spell.

    These actions can be as specific as "Use armor's built in scorching ray to destroy any Wizard spell book that is seen." to as broad as "If a hostile creature attacks this location/object/wearer, defend it with any and all of the armors capabilities until all hostile creatures are destroyed." If the Forger choices they can suspend a possible action without any extra cost, to make it so the only way to perform the action is though the contingency. If the wearer is aware of what the armor is doing and doesn't want this contingency to activate then he must make a Will save with a DC equal to the armor's HD. You may give the armor any number of contingent actions as you desire so long as you pay the MP Price.

    Or the Forge master may give the armor full on intelligence and sentience allowing the Armor to potentially grow in mind body and soul. Allowing it to evolve, upgrade itself, and build its own onto its own narrative.

    To do this is almost a similar process to creating the Syntrofos. Although since this Armor doesn't necessarily need a great destiny par say the investment isn't quite as high. When you are spending Mythos Points to complete the Armor you may spend 5,000 extra Mythos points. Doing this sparks a armor with the essence of life. This creature is a construct with its base stats of an elite array and has monster Hit Dice equal to the HD that were built into the Armor with all the benefits that were built into the armor. It's BAB equal it's Monster Hit Dice plus the BAB of any class level it gains. Any HD this creature gain through level up or otherwise adds their Intelligence modifier rather than a Constitution modifier to their HP. Also the armor is considered to be its own owner,not the forger. When the armor does accept a wearer they both act as one unit on the same initiative but can use the better of abilities and BAB when relevant, and share feats,skills, Spell effects. The Armor may force the wearer out of his body as a full action, which can be resisted with a Will save with a DC of the Armors HD.

    March of Unending Steel : A 5th level Steel Emperor Forge Master is not necessarily a loner that seeks to only improve its own lot in the face of war. For the power of the Bellator is that he is a master of all forms of war and that if he so wills it can arm a nation or even an entire plane with his creations. The Forge Master can choice to craft a Steel Legion Armor Factory. This can be in many forms such as a Colossus giant of a Forge that dwarf even castles or even swallow large islands with their massive bulk, a grand design in the forest that slowly and meticulously craft elementals that form a symbolic combining with a mortal of the realm or perhaps turns the corpses of treants into usable armor to gain revenge on those that bring them harm, A Necroforge combining thousands of corpses to create a abomination of undeath, or even a laboratory that clones the flesh armor of the titans.

    When a Forge Master choices to make this factory they must first design a Steel Legion Armor that it will produce. Design a Steel Legionnaire Armor in the same way you do the Steel Emperor Armor but with a GP cost limited to (Your Class level x 10,000) and a Mythos Point Cost of (Your Class level x1,000), also it must not require any specific ingredients that can't reasonably be constantly supplying to the factory, but if given those ingredients it can at least be worked temporarily. For example the Factory workers can't reasonably be able to provide the scale of a white dragon of at least adult age unless one is slain and brought to the factory. As one might expect the factory also needs to supply the proper metals that are required to build it as well.

    After that you must go about actually making the factory itself. The Base price for the factory itself is ten times the price of the Steel Legionnaire Design's price. The craft needed to create the factory is either Carpentry or Blacksmithing and the Forge Master can choice to use either skill. After the basis of the Factory is made the Forge master must also spend ten times the Steel Legionnaire Designs Mythos Points. When this happens the factory gains a narrative core that is ,while currently inactive, permanent.

    Add ten to your current total Craft [Armorsmithing] skill and make an note of each Mythos or Excellency that the roll has that helps speed up the production of the Steel Legionnaires. Still while technically complete the factory's owner, which is its creator or those he gives permission to use it, will be unable to use it unless his faction or the faction he has lend it to go into war and engage in their first battle. The Factory's core is ignited by the conflict it is now a part of a conflict it begins to automatically craft the Steel Legionnaire that was designed by the Forge Master as if he was there himself taking a ten every day to make the Steel Legionnaire's. Others with a least one rank in any Craft skill can assist in this 'roll' adding +2 for each worker in this factory to the Factory's base progress speed. If the war is ended by either peace or the destruction of ones opponent then the factory again becomes inert. Only conflict can fuel the factory.

    If the Forge master returns one day with higher Craft [Armorsmithing] modifier or mythos that add to the speed of production he may take a single day to adjust the Factory to update its progress rating.

    Eternal Lord of the War Forge: War never changes, the eternities beyond eternities from now there will always be a person/faction/pantheon/plane fighting with another for any and all reasons that the world allows, be they belief, vendettas, personal feelings, alignment, race, lives, resources, etc. It does not matter if there are tens of thousands spending their entire lives working for peace, forging friendships, and opening discussions and compromise. There are millions upon millions of races screaming their right to conquer and millions upon millions of those fortifying their defense against them. Conflict is a Unending, Unchanging, and Unstoppable force.

    War is always changing, the weapons used to destroy one another evolve and adapt. Wooden spears and bows pierce the flesh, but is stopped by bronze, which is pierced by Iron, which is stopped by Steel, which is ignored by Spell, which is destroyed by myth, which is defeated by Law, which is then defeated by stagnation. This is the truth of Conflict, it is an unending and yet changing force that has written the history of the Great Wheel and beyond. All who do not find out this truth are destroyed by it. Those who do not raise their arm in violence will perish by the hands of those that will, those that do not change with the demands of war our doomed to those that have adapted to do so.

    The Steel Emperor finally has either understood this truth or has finally truly accepted it. You immediately gain the “Soul Forge of Unending Conflict Shintai” Immemorial Mythos, whether or not you meet the prerequisites.
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