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    Default Re: [3.5+ToB/PF +DSP/PoW] GitP Regulars as Maneuvers!

    Quote Originally Posted by ErrantX View Post
    Alright. I'm game. Hit me.

    The High Bladelord's Glorious Bane of a Thousand Armies

    Discipline: Sandbox Goliath (Strike); Level: 9
    Prerequisite(s): 4 Sandbox Goliath maneuvers
    Initiation Action: 1 full-round action
    Range: medium
    Target: All enemies within medium range
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: Will partial


    A maneuver known only to the mightiest warriors and most sagacious sword-saints, you hardly seem to move as all those that oppose you fall to the ground. Time stands still as only your strongest opponents live to desperately flee. As a full round action, you may make a melee attack against every enemy creature within medium range, dealing normal damage +2d6. Every enemy struck must make a will save DC 19+initiation modifier for be panicked for a number of rounds equal to your initiation modifier. Of a successful save they are instead frightened for one round.

    (The lead dev needs to be able to walk through entire battlefields, mowing down the enemies like chaff. Not great against a few strong enemies, but the visual is great.)
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