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    Default Re: [3.5/PF +DSP/PoW] GitP Regulars as Maneuvers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Extra Anchovies View Post
    Sure, I might as well join the party. Extra Anchovies grants his permission.
    I brought you into this thread, so I better do something! I hope you don't mind a bone themed maneuver to match your Bone Knight avatar:

    Endoskeleton of War
    Discipline: Sandbox Goliath (Counter)
    Level: 7
    Prerequisites: Two Sandbox Goliath Maneuvers
    Casting Time: 1 Immediate Action
    Range: Personal
    Target: Yourself
    Duration: Rounds equal to half your constitution score.

    Braggarts claim that their body is a weapon. They have no idea what sort of weapon you have in store for them.

    A mob of enemies gathers around you. They strike, only to be cut on something sharp as a blade. But it is not a blade, it was your very bones.

    When attacked, you can force your skeleton to extend into jagged spikes all over your body. Any enemy who makes a melee attack against you while you are using this counter deals damage normally, then takes half the damage they dealt as piercing damage.

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