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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoPhoenix0 View Post
    how could you sith_happens

    now i will never know if these celestia petitioners taste like popcorn. ;_;
    It depends on the alignment of the petitioner. I personally find that NG tastes like Cheesecake, though some people disagree with me. If you want a more healthier yet still sweet taste, try LG for a nice, crisp fruit taste (may vary between individuals). I think CG is only good for minor indulgences, and tastes like peppermint bark, or occasionally other mint things.
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    I always thought understanding Scottish required a fort save vs. Alcohol poisoning.
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    See, this wouldn't happen if you were a Zweihander Sentinel Warder with Silver Crane. You'd have a 60 ft. fly speed with good maneuverability, DR and glowing pants as early as level 8.

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