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    Default Re: [3.5+ToB/PF +DSP/PoW] GitP Regulars as Maneuvers!

    Payroll here, get back to writing maneuvers or I'm going to 'lose' your timesheets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keledrath View Post
    ...You guys got through 3 pages while I was at work.

    Permission given.
    I'll give you a real one too.

    Morphic Weapon

    Discipline: Sandbox Goliath (Boost); Level: 1
    Initiation Action: 1 swift action
    Range: Personal
    Target: One Wielded Weapon
    Duration: One round

    You always have the right tool for the job, employing improbably grips and unorthodox maneuvers to achieve the desired result.

    When initiating this boost, you may add one weapon special feature (blocking, brace, deadly, disarm, distracting, grapple, monk, nonlethal, performance, reach sunder, or trip) to a wielded weapon or change the damage type (blunt, piercing, or slashing) to another type (blunt piercing, or slashing). This change persists until the start of your next turn.
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