Shield of Loyalty
Sandbox Goliath (Strike)
Level: 1st
Initiation Action: Standard Action.
Range: Melee attack.
Target: 1 creature.
Duration: 1 round.
Striking a foe you tie your fate to theirs in a bond of battle.
When you initiate this maneuver make a single attack. If you hit until the beginning of your next turn whenever the target would deal damage to an ally of yours within 10-ft of you, you take that damage instead. You do not apply any damage reduction, energy immunity, regeneration, or other abilities which prevent or mitigate damage to damage received this way, but the initial recipient's abilities do apply. If multiple allies within range would take damage from a single attack you take the total damage they all would have received, so beware of area effects.

This is a supernatural maneuver.

You can guess who this is for.