Sith Happens
Enchantment (Compulsion) [Evil, Mind-Affecting]/Evocation [Evil, Electricity]
Level: Sor/Wiz 2.
Components: V, S, M
Range: Medium (100-ft +10-ft/caster level) and 15-ft or 30-ft (see below).
Target: 1 creature.
Area: 15-ft cone or 30-ft line emanating from targeted creature.
Duration: 1 or more rounds and Instantaneous.
Saving Throw: Will partial and Reflex halves (see below).
Spell Resistance: Yes.

When you cast this spell you forcibly channel the tainted power of the Dark Side through another creature. The target may make a Will save to resist this channeling. If they succeed they are sickened for 1d4 rounds if Good aligned or 1 round if neither Good nor Evil, and nothing else happens. If they fail their save they are sickened for twice the duration and your choice of a 30-ft line or a 15-ft cone of profane lightning emanates from them in the direction of your choosing. They are treated as the point of origin for this effect and may not themselves be within the area of its effect. Any creature within the area takes 1d10 damage per 2 caster levels you posses (max 7d10 at 14th level), half of this damage is electricity and the other half is the caster's pure hatred for all other things and unaffected by energy resistance or immunity. A creature within this area is allowed a Reflex save to half the damage.