Muirlinn Morningsong

Gender: Female
Race: Half Elf (1/2 human, 1/2 high elf)
Age: What are you, a cop?
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Paladin
Power Rating: B+/A-
Appearance: A slender yet muscular half elf of average height. Most of her thick brown hair is tied into two long braids, the remainder being bangs swept to either side held up by a thin brown silk headband. She wields an ornate and strong wood-and-mithril buckler, enchanted to kinetically reflect all blows inflicted upon it. She carries a generic paladin-looking longsword sheathed on her back, but prefers to use a pair of Koada'Dal runesteel knuckles when fighting. Will edit in the rest later.
Personality: A righteous warrior with a heart of gold and a will of iron, Muirlinn is possibly the most powerful and benevolent paladin in her land. However, she's often instead regarded as ill-tempered, vulgar and rude by her superiors; despite this she never loses her cool during a battle. Her love for drinking, fighting, and gambling is rivaled only by her faith in the goddess Tunare.
Backstory: The daughter of human bard Ingvarr McVaxius and high elf paladin Galilee Morningsong, the young Muirlinn Morningsong was a parenting nightmare. She threw tantrums if anything didn't go the way she wanted, she stole from her neighbors, and routinely beat up her schoolmates. Her father had been spending years writing the perfect lullaby, only to lull Muirlinn to sleep. When she was four, Ingvarr had perfected his song... or so he thought. The notes chafed, burned and eviscerated the ears and minds of Ingvarr, rendering him both deaf and clinically insane. Galilee sought help for her husband, but almost everyone in the town had hated the family at this point for raising an 'insufferable demonspawn of a child'. Within two weeks, the silence and pain drove Ingvarr to try and kill his wife, himself... and his daughter. Galilee, a respected Paladin of Tunare, prayed as hard as she could for Muirlinn, for her to be safe from her corrupted husband's desire to murder. As Galilee and Ingvarr lay dead in the lake, the wife knocked unconcious and drowned, the husband's innards spilled by his own hands, Muirlinn felt a warm, soft glow. It was both immaterial and physical, both visible and transparent. Light poured in from another plane, permeating her very being, mind, soul and body. The stab wound her father inflicted on her dissappeared, the blood stain on the lakeshore seemingly being sucked back into her body. An inaudible and deafening whisper from Tunare herself entered Muirlinn's mind, cleansing it of evil and injustice. In that moment, Muirlinn knew she needed to respect this impossibly massive force of pure good, fight for it, and in return it would grant her the ability to protect people that couldn't save themselves. People like her parents. People like herself.