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    Extra Anchovies' Homebrew

    Compiled below is a list of every piece of homebrew material I have created for the games discussed on this forum. If you have feedback on one of these and its thread was last posted in more than 45 days ago, PM me and I can bump the thread for you.

    The Champion (base class, completed, ongoing updates, feedback appreciated): A semi-magical warrior devoted to a particular cause, sort of a Paladin without alignment restrictions. They have all of the necessary tools for a tank - aggro pull (both hard and soft), AoE buffs/debuffs, and enough damage to stay relevant. Includes a stealth-based archetype and an arcane/Champion theurge PrC. The Champion is a very high-powered class, designed to be able to stand next to (and against) casters and initiators without having any casting or initiating of its own.

    Unusual Ally (feat, completed): grants you an Eidolon (using the same system as the APG summoner, but with fewer evolution points), but at the expense of other level-scaling minions (cohorts, familiars, animal companions, etc). The pseudo-Eidolon is an Outsider (augmented [type other than human]), cannot be banished/dismissed, and cannot be unsummoned. Also includes the feat Greater Unusual Ally, which lets you share familiar/animal companion/etc special abilities with your Unusual Ally. This feat is for those who want a weird companion with a custom design.

    Grave Master (archetype, completed): An undead-focused archetype for the APG Summoner. Grants new spells (Animate Dead as a second-level spell, plus the Inflict, Repair Undead, and Undead Anatomy lines). Eidolon gains the Undead Appearance chain for free at levels 1/5/10. Summon Monster is replaced by a custom Summon Undead ability. Gate ability is replaced by an option to summon template undead with class levels (e.g. liches and vampires). Capstone is replaced by an ability that grants you an undead template of your choosing (or a custom Necropolitan-like template).

    Eidolon Master (archetype, completed): An APG Summoner archetype that gives up the Summon Monster ability in exchange for a much stronger Eidolon.

    Wandering Samurai (archetype, completed, some balance concerns, feedback appreciated): A Fighter archetype based on the heroes of Akira Kurosawa's period dramas, and on the protagonist of Yojimbo in particular. They base their fighting style on mastering one specific weapon (a greatsword, or a glaive, or two shortswords, or a bow), and gain the ability to enchant their chosen weapon in the same manner as the 3.5 Oriental Adventures Samurai. The archetype is also built for unarmored combat, gaining a scaling insight bonus to AC and initiative, as well as adding Wisdom to AC and CMD as an untyped bonus (trading away armor proficiency and Armor Training). Instead of Weapon Training they gain a number of stronger benefits with their chosen weapon. They also get the ability to move while full attacking, overcoming the stationary-turret effect most high-level combat classes experience. This is probably the Pathfinder homebrew that I am most proud of, the other contender being the Champion.

    The Martial Warlock (base class, completed, feedback appreciated): a rework of the Warlock that trades Eldritch Blast (and Blast Shape invocations) for full BAB, a d10 HD, good Fort/Will saves, and the ability to apply Eldritch Essences to attacks. Ends up with 16 invocations instead of 12, four of which must be Eldritch Essences. Also receives some of the secondary Warlock class features (Deceive Item, scaling DR/cold iron, energy resistance), and gets Charisma to a few different things, la the Warblade abilities that grant Int to stuff. Includes three new Invocations for both Martial and normal Warlocks: an on-hit taunt, a reposition, and an immobilize. Designed to be able to perform well in both 3.5 and Pathfinder/3.P games. Definitely my favorite 3.5 homebrew.

    The Ley-Line Mage (base class, alternate magic system, work in progress): An attempt at a non-Vancian magic system, with a nature-based fluff. Expressions (the system's equivalent of spells) have base forms that have very weak effects, and Ley-Line Magic-users spend Mana (gained in numbers akin to psionic power points) to empower and Expression in various ways (e.g. Blast is the single-target damage Expression; mana can be spent to increase damage, increase range, change damage type, or any combination of the above). Instead of needing 8 hours of rest, they regain mana whenever they engage in very light activity (sleeping, resting, eating, reading, casually conversing, riding in vehicles, etc). Ley-Line Mages also choose a terrain and climate type that they are linked to, and gain various benefits (skill bonuses, increased mana regeneration, etc) while in either the chosen terrain or the chosen climate (or both). Somewhat inspired by Radagast the Brown and other nature-attuned wizards. Still in the early development stages, but not currently receiving updates.

    The Prestige Monk (prestige class, completed): A ten-level Monk replacement/fix. Grants character-level-scaling damage with unarmed strikes and monk weapons, flurry of blows (up to two bonus attacks at no penalty), evasion/uncanny dodge (and their improved versions), unarmored speed bonus, the ability to move and flurry, Wis to AC/attack/damage/dex- and str-based skills, and a few other things. Another of my favorite homebrews.

    Vow of Perfection (feat, completed): An attempted rework of Vow of Poverty. Doesn't fix any of the major issues with the original feat. My worst homebrew by a long shot. Only included here for completeness's sake.

    The Legacy Sorcerer (base class, near completion): My first homebrew. A rework of the Sorcerer that attempts to tone down its power such that it can be included in games where core Sorcerer is banned (eighth- and ninth-level spells are very tightly restricted), falling somewhere between stock Sorcerer and the T3 list-casters (Beguiler, Warmage, etc). Takes the concept of sorcerers as descendants of magical beings beyond just the fluff. Gains spell levels at the same rate as wizards/clerics. Only one secondary class feature is incomplete.
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