Talya's Loose Step
Sandbox Goliath (Stance)
Level: 1st.
Initiation Action: Swift.
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: Stance.
Stripped of armor you move with greater speed and agility, avoiding blows with speed first and foremost.

While in this stance and not wearing armor or a shield, or receiving an armor or Exalted bonus to AC from another source (such as Vow of Poverty, Mage Armor, or Bracers of Armor) you gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC +1/2 your Initiator level. In addition you gain a +1 bonus to all skills that are affected by armor check penalties, increasing to +2 if you have at least 11 ranks in Martial Lore (8 ranks in PF); this bonus to skills doubles (to +2/+4) if you are completely naked, except on Hide where it instead triples (to +3/+6).