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Sgt. Cookie grants permission!
We Have Cookies!
Discipline: Sandbox Goliath (Boost); Level: 6
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instant

The applications of martial lore expand beyond that of sword and shield, arrow and spear. They also include baking. By initiating this boost you entice your allies and enemies alike with a tray of 1d20 delectable cookies that last for 1 round per initiator level. These cookies function as shuriken with an enhancement bonus equal to 1/4 of your Initiator Level. As part of making a standard or full attack action, or initiating a strike you can throw one of these cookies at an enemy within range as a free action. If the cookie hits the enemy, they must succeed on a Will Save (DC 16+ Initiation Modifier) or have their attitude towards you improved by one step. This is an extarodinary ability of the cookies and is not mind affecting or a charm effect.