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    Default Re: [3.5+ToB/PF +DSP/PoW] GitP Regulars as Maneuvers!

    Seerow's Surprising Stomach Punch
    Sandbox Goliath (Boost)
    Level: 4th.
    Prerequisites: 1 Sandbox Goliath maneuver.
    Initiation Action: Swift Action.
    Range: Your natural reach.
    Target: 1 creature.
    Duration: Instantaneous.

    When you initiate this maneuver your torso opens up and a spring-loaded boxing glove shoots out to strike an enemy. you must make a melee attack roll to strike with this attack, and if you succeed at a Bluff or Perform (Song) check with a DC of their AC the target is considered flat-footed. This boxing glove deals 1d6 damage per three initiator levels, and does not add your Strength modifier, Power Attack, or any modifiers which apply specifically to weapon damage, but it ignores DR.

    If you are defeated in an encounter in which you used this maneuver your opponent(s) gain 15 Silver Points.
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