Threadnaught's Optimal Performance
Sandbox Goliath (Boost)
Level: 4th.
Initiation Action: Swift.
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: 1 round.
With a moment of mental refocusing you bring one of your aspects to the optimum expected for a hero of your standing. When you initiate this maneuver choose one: BAB, a single saving throw, a single ability score, or a single skill. Until the beginning of your next turn you gain a benefit based upon what you selected. If you selected BAB your BAB increases to equal your Character Level. If you selected a saving throw your Base Save for that type of saving throw increases to 2 + 1/2 character level (this has no effect if it was already higher). If you selected an ability score that ability score becomes 18 + 1/4 character levels before any modifiers (including racial modifier). If you selected a skill you are considered to have ranks in that skill equal to your character level +3.