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    It That Takes

    Gender: N/A
    Species: Elemental
    Age: Has been present in this reality for 44 years (2021)
    Alignment: Red, Chaotic Neutral
    Profession: Poacher
    Power Rating: A
    Description: A vast cloud of icy darkness and ashen flame in the general shape of a bird.
    Personality: Greedy, protective
    Equipment: None
    Abilities: It That Takes has godlike mastery over certain elements.
    In Vaere they would name these elements Fire, Darkness, Death, and Dream.
    In the Erdan system they would be Fire, Wildfire, Cryofire, Wild Cryofire, and Nightmare.
    Backstory: It's a terrible thing to be bound to the mortal world, but it is generally preferable to ceasing to exist.
    Wars spilled between worlds, and people like It That Takes fused themselves with mortal souls to escape their own realm.
    But the mortal world of Vaere was embroiled in a war of its own. The fighting came to an end just a season after the refugees arrived, when the metric device was activated; of some thousands of refugees, three survived: It That Takes, its longtime companion Howler in Darkness, and the lonesome Which Walks Unseen.
    It That Takes had already had the misfortune of a thoroughly vulnerable host (a human child, not even developed enough to be educated), and now that host was alone and in danger, and it was separated from its companion. However, through the years it was able to steer its host to survival and success. It found itself in with more hosts, generations of them as well as a new arrival.

    Through the innocent curiosity of its second favored host, it gained a strange new power born of the earth, the black flame of Fearblaze, which it was to preserve in safety.

    Then, just as suddenly, in a moment of lapsed attention, it was attacked through its original host and found itself dead.

    Even death is not the same as nonexistence. It That Takes was remade in the image of its killer, a living manifestation of anti-life and burning terror.

    Once again, the mortal world's circumstances changed things. After a period of chaos, It was resurrected by the powers of Tamamo. But it came back wrong; the shadow priests were unable to wield the true Fire that was needed. It took years of work by its third favored host to find a new balance, and it was reformed in flame in time to aid the King in Rags, and then to hold back the storm demon from Southside.
    Miscellaneous: Unable to comprehend spoken language, though it can recognize names.
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