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    Red Fel

    Amongst the most evil of creatures ever birthed upon the multiverse are the baernaloths. This ancient disease riddled evil emerged from the early mists of reality, creating the yugoloths as their servitors. Of the modern races which inhabit the Lower Planes only the obyriths are older than the yugoloths. (Knowledge the Planes DC 32). In fact the first ultraloth sensing the taint of Law and Chaos within his brethren gathered them together and taking the Heart of Evil expelled this taint from them and into larva gathered from across the Gray Wastes. These larva were then driven to the Abyss and Baator where they became the Tanar'ri and Baatezu (Kn. the Planes DC 35).

    Even the yugoloths' secret records do not tell who gave the General of Gehenna the Heart of Evil, but its source was one of the baernaloths. A devious and twisted creature named Red Fel. This baernaloth had seen how his fellows had cast out Apomps for the creation of his own race in the gehreleths, and sought a way to duplicate the act without the same exile. In creating the Heart of Evil he created the seeds of a new species of fiend. Where yugoloths, obyriths, and the ancient baatorians spawned naturally from their planes, the baatezu and tanar'ri spawned from the souls of the damned. (Kn. the Planes DC 44).

    The Baernaloths retreated into the depths of the Gray Waste but Red Fel wasn't finished. Red Fel's next step was to guide the two races into meeting. He whispered into the mind of one of the first fledgeling Baatezu, some say the fiend later to become Asmodeus, spurring it to send its forces on a trek across the planes, even as he stirred the spirits of tanar'ri to do the same, leading to their first meeting and the beginning of the Blood War (Kn. the Planes DC 47).

    This is what caused him to attract the attention of the solars. After a long battle Red Fel was defeated by the forces of Heaven, but a part of his spirit managed to escaped. Greatly weakened it fled to a phylactery he had prepared just in case this happened. The forces of the Upper Planes to this day still seek this phylactery where it is hidden upon a Prime Material Plane (Kn. the Planes DC 50).


    Red Fel's goals are simple. The corruption of all life. The creation of the Baatezu and Tanar'ri along with the Blood War, while preventing an endless war with heaven has stirred the forces of evil into widespread corruption and recruitment from mortals. After his defeat at the hands of the Nine Solars, Red Fel's plans have changed slightly. His new state has left him vulnerable and tied to the Prime Material Plane. His new plan involves the corruption of his individual prime, the introduction of Evil into it, and the eventually merger of it and a Lower Plane. When the Prime merges with a Lower Plane he will be able to return to his previous power and create a second phylactery plane elsewhere in case Heaven once more seeks his end.

    Shadows of Despair
    The sky grew gray and heavy, dark though the sun remained high in the sky. Hope drained from us one by one, leaving nothing but despair and dread.

    Faint: Creatures suffer a -2 penalty to saves against Fear, and a -4 penalty on Craft and Profession checks. Creatures must succeed at a DC 2 Will save each day or succumb to an extreme lethargy and lose all desire to do anything without external pressure from another living creature for 1 day, even thirst and starvation not stirring them; Evil aligned creatures gain a +4 to their save against this effect.
    Moderate: The sky grows dim. The moon and stars provide 1/2 their normal illumination and undead creatures which are harmed by sunlight (such as wraiths and vampires) suffer no penalty from sunlight. The penalty to saves against Fear increases to -3, and the DC to avoid lethargy increases to 5. The plane gains a Minor Evil alignment.
    Strong: Creatures can no longer receive morale bonuses. The sky grows still dimmer. Even by sunlight creatures can only see 150-ft as bright illumination and everything beyond is shadowy. The DC to avoid lethargy increases to 8. Animal and Vermin gain the Fiendish template.
    Overwhelming: The plane gains a Major Evil alignment. The stars are no longer visible at night and even the moon barely provides light (20-ft shadowy, increasing to 30-ft on a moonless night), and even the sun's light merely provides shadows (150-ft shadowy illumination no bright light). Fear is significantly more powerful (-5 to saves to resist it) and the DC to avoid lethargy increases to 12, whole villages succumbing to despair and dying.

    Malefic Property:
    In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, Red Fel has Whispers of Evil.

    Whispers of Evil: Any creature which sleeps within the range of this Malefic Property has their dreams haunted by strange whispering seductions and must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Red Fel's HD + Red Fel's Charisma modifier) or have their alignment shift one step towards Evil (Good becomes Neutral, Neutral becomes Evil).

    Red Fel is an undead outsider of primordial age and pure Evil. Awakening after millennia finally reformed he sets across the plane seeking to corrupt and twist as much towards evil as possible. He acts at first primarily via agents, his form still incomplete, creating a variety of religions of evil across the plane, and luring baatezu and tanar'ri recruitment agents onto it. As more and more of the plane falls to Evil, Red Fel's power (and his sign) grows and he will eventually emerge onto the world as a veritable living god supported by his prepared religion. From there he will attempt to corrupt or kill any good aligned creature left on the plane allowing it to finally merge with the Lower Planes.
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