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    "Asmodeus, Tiamat, Lucifer. The rulers of the various hells across the universe, known for being near infinite in power. Yet there is one deity so old, that all but the oldest of creatures have forgotten him, and even then, he is only remembered as a long gone memory. However, this great being is not gone, in fact, he is the very opposite. When someone speaks of Baator, they speak of him. When someone speaks of the pit, they speak of him. When someone speaks of Infernus, or Abaddon, they speak of him. He is Fel, oldest ruler of hell. He is hell."

    Fel is the literal body, the landscape, the driving evil behind the lower planes. There is no evil in the multitude of planes more primal, more pure, more vile than the being known as Fel. The still-born god called Atropus is naught but a particle of sand before this thing. The extent of Fel's power is so great that not even the fractured consciousnesses of the Dark Tapestry beyond creation can hope to match it, not puny Cthulhu, not Yog-Sothoth, not even the terrible Nylarthotep.

    To gaze upon Fel is to gaze upon something far worse than death. To gaze upon Fel is to feel your insignificant spark of life snuffed out, to feel your soul shredded into a myriad of pieces and consumed, to be woven in eternal torment into this terrible entity's power. There is no chance for you.

    Goals: Fel seeks to bring an avatar back from slumber to raze the life upon this world (DC 37 Knowledge Planes) in order to consume the life energies to fuel it's destruction and extinguishing of all other planes and to force them under Fel's control and subjugation (DC 40 Knowledge Planes), and to reawaken and reunite its fractured body from the pieces of Baator, the Abyss, and Abaddon in order to devour the very gods themselves (DC 43 Knowledge Planes)


    Faint: Weakened Contracts- When attempting to force evil outsiders to serve via Planar Ally, Gate, or similar effects, the caster of the aforementioned spell or spell-like ability takes a -4 penalty to the Charisma check unless they are an Evil Outsider of equal or Higher CR, or have an Aura of Evil the strength of an Evil Outsider twice the summoned Outsider's CR. Evil Outsiders summoned this way serve half as long as dictated by the caster, and may attempt a will save with a DC of 10+The Caster's Level+The Caster's Key Ability modifier to break free of the Caster's control.
    Moderate: Soul Harvest- Upon death, the creature in question must make a will save with a DC of 20 to avoid being stolen by a fiend. Souls stolen this way are exceptionally hard to revive, and the caster of the revive effect upon the target must make a Concentration Check equal to 20 plus the target's HD to successfully revive them. Souls who fail their save also take one step towards evil in terms of alignment.
    Strong: Broken Contracts- Evil Outsiders may no longer be affected by spells or spell-like abilities such as Planar Ally, Gate, or similar effects unless they so choose. They also gain a +4 Profane Bonus to all ability scores, their natural armor increases by +5, and their DR improves by five. If they do not have DR, they gain DR 5/Good and Silver if they are LE, Good and Cold Iron if they are CE, and Good and Silver or Cold Iron if they are NE. This DR improves by 5 for every five HD they possess.
    Overwhelming: Soul Devouring: If any creature with an INT score of 3 or higher dies within 30 ft. of an Evil Outsider of their HD or Greater, they must make a Will Save with a DC of 10+1/2 The Outsider's HD+The Outsider's Highest Mental Score or be permanently devoured. Creatures that fail this save are impossible to resurrect, and the Outsider in question gains a +4 untyped bonus to all ability scores If they are of the same HD or +2 if the outsider has more HD Than the creature. The Outsider also heals a number of hit-points equal to twice the creature's HD.

    Malefic Property (Avatar of Fel): All good aligned creatures within 5 miles of the Avatar of Fel are effected by the spell Bestow Curse, though this does not allow for a saving throw our spell resistance to apply.

    Avatar of Fel:
    CR: Hah, yeah right.

    CR: Bring along the Lady of Pain and Pun-Pun together and I might consider talking.
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