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Loya, the Paladin

Loya is not really an Elder Evil so much as an elder good (Knoweldge: The planes DC 15). Loya is, however, still among those classed as Elder Evils and shares much of their power (DC 18). Loya infiltrated the Elder Evils either to smite them or to convert them to good - knowing their ineffable evil, the former is more likely, but Loya is open to either. Loya promises to destroy evil wherever it is found. (DC 25).


Loya seeks to infiltrate the Elder Evils and destroy them, and to bring good, justice and anime gifs to the world. Loya doesn't much care how exactly this is accomplished.

Light of Death
The earth shakes and the heavens speak His name, as the world is bathed in the light that destroys the wicked.

Faint: The world is bathed in a shadowy illumination that supersedes any lesser illumination and does nothing to superiour illumination. The light makes evil creatures ill at ease, providing a -2 penalty on all rolls, doubled for [Evil] creatures.
Moderate: The world is bathed in full illumination at all times. The light has the same affect on evil creatures as before, and deals 1d6 points of damage each round to any [Evil] creatures that touch it.
Strong: The light makes it difficult to see - creatures must take a reflex save (DC 8) each round or be blinded in that round. Further, it attempts to banish any [Evil] outsiders to their home plane (Will DC 8 negates) as well as dealing 1d8 points of damage to each one.
Overwhelming: As strong but both DCs are increased to 12 and the damage dealt is 2d6.

Malefic Property:

Beneficence: Unlike other Elder Evils, Loya has no malefic properties.

Traits and Tactics:

Loya is not stupid enough to engage other Elder Evils in single combat, but strategically works against them.