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    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    The LoyalPaladin grants you permission.
    The Paladin Most Loyal

    The circumstances leading a Tome Archon to fall from grace are almost unthinkable. They are the highest of the high, the most glorious of the glorious, the holiest of holies in every respect. They are embodiments of Law and Goodness, and the closest thing to gods among their kind.

    One, who had long since surrendered his name to his cause, was called The Paladin Most Loyal. For this embodied the entirety of his being; loyalty, honor, service, and judgment. And for eons, this was all he needed. He was friend and brother-in-arms to Raziel, and led many successful campaigns against the Lower Planes.

    And yet, his mind was not at ease. For although he rejoiced in the deeds of goodness and righteousness he saw on the Prime Material Plane, he grew sorrowful with the proliferation of Evil and selfishness. It hurt and saddened him deeply. For countless millennia, that sadness festered in him.

    And gave birth to anger.

    His kin could not understand his rage. How could they? Righteous fury was reserved for the wicked, and yet here was their brother, one whose role had taken on the sum total of his life, an admirable creature if ever there was, consumed with rage. And not rage towards the wicked, as one would expect. The Paladin Most Loyal was angry at the righteous.

    It had long been the practice of the Archons to lead mortals by example, not by force. By acting as paragons of righteousness, they taught mortals to live similarly righteous lives. The Paladin Most Loyal saw this, and understood it. Yet, when he looked below, he saw a place where the righteous were ignored; where they lived good lives, but not lives that inspired others. And he blamed the righteous for this failing.

    The darkness soon consumed his heart, and in their wisdom, his fellow Tome Archons cast him out of Celestia. In their mercy, however, they did not destroy him. Rather, they hoped they could distract him. They dispatched him to the Lower Planes, hoping that he could satisfy his anger by drowning it in the blood of Demons and Devils.

    Instead, he carved out a fortress somewhere deep within the Abyss, destroying all vestiges of Evil in the place, and began to brood. He soon hatched a terrible plan, which would allow him to ensure the righteousness of all mortals. Whether they wished it or not.


    The Paladin Most Loyal seeks to impose a code of righteousness by force. He fails to grasp (for how can he?) what total selflessness will do to the mortal races.

    Selflessness, Pure and Total
    Give until it hurts.

    Faint: Selfless hearts awaken, and selfish hearts know fear. Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good creatures enjoy a morale bonus of +1 to all rolls; Lawful Good creatures enjoy a +2 bonus. This stacks with other morale bonuses. Chaotic, Evil, or True Neutral creatures must make a Will save (DC 2) every day or take a morale penalty of -1 to all rolls.
    Moderate: Selflessness mandates generosity. The morale bonus for Lawful and Good creatures increases to +2, +3 for Lawful Good. Lawful or Good creatures, when meeting someone who possesses less than they do, must make a DC 5 Will save or else give 1/4 of their wealth to that creature. Once this save has been failed, it need not be made for 24 hours. The morale bonus does not apply to this save. The morale penalty for Chaotic, Evil, and True Neutral creatures increases to -2, and the DC to avoid it increases to 5.
    Strong: To give is to be blessed, to take is to be cursed. The morale bonus for Good creatures increases to +3, +4 for the Lawful Good. The DC to avoid generosity increases to 8; failure means the creature must give up 1/2 of his wealth. Additionally, when meeting an Evil creature, any Lawful or Good creature must make a Will save (DC 8) or attack it with lethal force. If he succeeds on the save, he is immune to this effect with respect to that specific creature for 24 hours. The morale bonus does not apply to this save. The morale penalty for Chaotic, Evil, or True Neutral creatures increases to -3, and the DC to avoid it increases to 8. Additionally, every day, the creature in the world possessed of the most wealth must make a DC 20 Fortitude save or die instantly.
    Overwhelming: The hypocrisy of the righteous is revealed. All creatures, regardless of alignment, are treated as Evil, although they also retain their original alignment. Thus, all creatures are subject to the penalties from this Sign. The bonuses from this Sign no longer apply to any creature. Lawful and Good creatures must now make a DC 12 Will save every time they encounter a creature with less wealth than they have; on failure, they attempt to give away all of their wealth. The recipient must then make a DC 12 Will save; on failure, it attacks its benefactor with lethal force, attempting to return the wealth. This continues until one makes his save, or one dies. The morale penalty to Chaotic, Evil, and True Neutral creatures becomes -5, the DC to avoid it and the negative level becomes 12. The DC for the wealthiest creature in the world becomes DC 30.

    Malefic Property:
    In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, The Paladin Most Loyal has Absolute Judgment.

    Absolute Judgment: Any Chaotic, Evil, or True Neutral creature within the range of this Malefic Property is crushed by twisted holy power. Such a creature must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 The Paladin Most Loyal's HD + The Paladin Most Loyal's Charisma modifier) or acquire one negative level. They must make this save once every hour they remain within the range of this Malefic Property. These negative levels stack, and cannot be removed while within range of this Malefic Property. Note also that, upon the manifestation of the Overwhelming Sign, all creatures are considered Evil, and are thus subject to this Malefic Property.

    The Paladin Most Loyal is still convinced of his righteousness. Upon the manifestation of his Faint sign, he will appear in the dreams of leaders of Good and Lawful religions, warning them to gather up their followers, dispose of their worldly goods, and prepare for the end times. Upon the manifestation of his Moderate Sign, he will appear in the dreams of all the faithful of these religions. Upon the manifestation of his Strong sign, he will choose a cathedral - one that is spartan, but functional - and physically manifest there.

    As his signs manifest, he grows despondent over the fact that the mortal races just can't seem to be as righteous as the Archons. This sadness turns to rage, and when his Overwhelming sign manifests, his booming voice will be heard across all of the Prime Material, decreeing that the mortal races are incurably wicked, and must be purged. All creatures will instinctively know the source of this voice. He will then begin his crusade, emerging from his cathedral to challenge all comers. Once no more creatures come to him, he will seek out all remaining life, and snuff it out.
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