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Xaos Phoenix

The churning plane of Limbo is Chaos given form, from it are spawned the mutation riddled slaad, and an ever-shifting menagerie of unique creatures. (Kno the Planes DC 12) Most of these creatures are so weak that they die within weeks, if not mere hours, being culled by the slaad, adventurers, or each other (Kno the Planes DC 15). Some of these creatures survive, but few if any escape the plane that gave them birth.

Recently the Doomguard (planescape faction) have been sending scouts hunting through Limbo looking for anything that can aid in causing entropy to spread across the planes (Kno the Planes DC 21). Reports say that they have found something, a being of great, indescribable power, which had been birthed from the Churning Chaos, and have taken it under their care. They have nurtured it through its vulnerable youth, raising it on their creed, teaching it Entropy. (Kno the Planes DC 28)

This creature, called the Xaos Phoenix, appears similar to a giant bird with wings of ever shifting rainbow. It is said to be able to drive men to madness, and to cause instability in the plane and creatures nearby it. Its shadow is brighter than the light around it, and its every flap of its wing causes a shift in reality around it (Kno the Planes DC 34). What few know is that it has recently shrugged off its keepers, destroying the Doomguard base on Limbo and crashing wildly into the Astral Plane, destroying a githyanki fleet on its path. (Kno the Planes DC 38).

To call the creature an Elder Evil is a misnomer. Despite its great power and danger to reality the Xaos Phoenix is in fact quite New.


The Xaos Phoenix has no grand goal. It simply is a personification of chaos given form (Kno the Planes DC 28). It has been led down a path of destruction by the Doomguard, and grown tainted by greed, selfishness, and Evil. It has grown to enjoy the suffering of lesser creatures as it unwinds their world around them (Kno the Planes DC 33). It begins by releasing hordes of new and twisted creatures, its blood seeming to give birth to a variety of aberrations and magical beasts (Kno the Planes DC 36). It sees society and civilization, created to order the world, as an abomination and now wonders the Prime destroying what humanoids have wrought, shattering society and leaving them in anarchy (Kno the Planes DC 39). Once it has reduced a world back to savages and tribes it will usually leave, the world remaining a strangely altered place, with new and dangerous magical locations (Kno the Planes DC 42).


Storms of Chaos
The winds flowed wrong, the clouds moving opposite each other. The storms rolled across the world changing it, causing heat and cold, causing fire and lightning. And all was changed in its path.

Faint: Weather can no longer be predicted or controlled. Weather from the next or previous season is as likely as the normal weather for the season.

Moderate: Every 1/2 mile weather changes without rhyme or reason. Each place can have the weather of any season with calm weather being uncommon, and storms being more common in any given place. Any creature caught outside in a storm with 1 or less hit dice must make a Will save (DC 12) or be confused for as long as it is within a storm.

Strong: Every 1/2 mile has a 50% chance to be wracked with hurricane. Any place wracked with hurricane has a 25% chance of spawning 1d% CR 2 or less magical beasts/aberrations, and a 1% chance of spawning 1d% CR 8 or less magical beasts/aberrations every day. Any creature caught outside in a storm with 5 or less hit dice must make a Will save (DC 15) or be confused for as long as it is within a storm.

Overwhelming: Storms are constant where there aren't hurricanes. Any storm wracked location has a 25% chance of spawning 1d% CR 2 or less magical beasts/aberrations every day, any place wracked with hurricane will spawn 1d% CR 2 or less magical beasts every day, has a 25% chance of spawning 1d% CR 8 or less magical beasts/aberrations every day, and a 10% chance of spawning 1d% CR 15 or less magical beasts/aberrations every day. In addition anywhere struck with a hurricane and no intact buildings has a 40% chance of having its terrain transformed. Any creature caught outside in a storm with 10 or less hit dice must make a Will save (DC 18) or be confused for as long as it is within a storm.

Malefic Property

Warping Chaos
Xaos Phoenix's presence destroys the rule of order in the area twisting it and reshaping it.
Effect: The area of this malefic property functions as if Limbo (it is highly morphic, variable elements, etc). In addition any creature within it takes -4 to all ability scores gaining +1d6 to each ability score; this 1d6 is rolled every 10 minutes, changing to every round when actively engaged in combat with Xaos Phoenix


The Xaos Phoenix appears as a massive rainbow colored bird its exact colors always shifting. It regenerates any damage not inflicted by Law, and if killed by an effect which does not have the Lawful descriptor will revive 1 round later. Its blood spawns magical beasts and aberrations, and it is able to use AoE Baleful Polymorph 1/minute if not more. It has an aura of madness (180-ft radius) which causes confusion. It is also capable of disjoining effects upon it as an immediate action which it can perform while stunned/dazed/petrified/etc 3 times per day.