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    I give my permission. Maybe you can play off the fact that I almost never say anything. I tend to lurk.
    Sounds good

    Kellbyb, The Deadly Silence

    It is said that creation was spoken in a Word, and the sound of that word brought forth something from nothing. Life is loud, and filled with many clashing tones and sounds. Though many great minds believe that the existence of the something means that the nothing no longer exists, those who's minds are filled with the maddening silence know the awful truth. The Nothing still exists, and it seeks only the end of the awful noise that is life.

    As the nothing is a nameless thing, it is often referred to as Kellbyb the Deadly Silence. Though the moniker holds no real meaning as Kellbyb is more than just the absence of sound, it is the absence of everything. Impossible to describe or see, Kellbyb travels the multiverse, snuffing out planets and planes, reducing them to nonexistence with its mere presence.


    Kellbyb, the Deadly Silence seeks to snuff out all noise, communication and eventually life in the multiverse, returning it to the state of perfect silence before creation.

    The Dimming Sound
    Music loses its tonal qualities, communication becomes more difficult and frustrating, and eventually, all sound ceases to exist.

    Faint: Sounds become quieter and harder to hear. Creatures take a -5 penalty to Perception Checks involving sound (Or listen checks), and sounds carry only 1/2 their normal distance.
    Moderate: Communication becomes difficult, all creatures take a -5 penalty to Intimidate, Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks, in addition to the -5 penalty to Perception Checks. Failure to properly communicate with others due to failing these checks forces the creatures involved to make a DC 15 Will Save or have their attitudes shift one step lower towards each other.
    Strong: Communication becomes nearly impossible as sound becomes nearly nonexistent. Any attempt to communicate by sound suffers a -10 penalty to any related checks, and may provoke a Will Save (DC 20) or the creatures involved have their attitudes shifted one step lower. In Addition, spells with verbal components suffer a 25% spell failure chance. Spells cast with the silent spell metamagic do not suffer this penalty.
    Overwhelming: All forms of verbal or written communication become impossible, perception checks based on sound automatically fail. Spells with verbal components cannot be cast unless modified by the silent spell metamagic.

    Malefic Property:
    In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, Kellbyb has Deafening Silence.

    Deafening Silence: All sound is completely silenced while in the presence of Kellbyb. Spells with verbal components, or that rely on language, cannot be cast while within 500 ft. of Kellbyb. These spells cannot be cast even with the silent spell metamagic feat.

    Kellbyb, the Deadly Silence does not possess a mind, or even a body as one could normally define it. Kellbyb's existence is only obvious by the lack of presence. Though sound is completely impossible to make while near Kellbyb, it still seems to respond to what would ordinarily be loud noises, always seeking out the loudest source of "sound" nearby. Kellbyb's lack of physical presence makes it impossible to attack directly, but it can be driven off by continued, excessive "noise" even though such sounds are impossible under its influence.