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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoPhoenix0 View Post
    Alright, now I've got to do one.

    Chaos Reborn

    Chaos Reborn is an ancient creature, so old that the gods have all but forgotten it's creation. Once, this was the first of the Phoenix. A beautiful creature that inspired awe in all that saw it.

    Originally spreading hope and light to the darkest areas of the world, this creature became the target of Pazuzu. He had become jealous of it's glorious wings and the adoration it had garnered.

    Pazuzu spirited away the phoenix to the deep layers of the abyss, torturing the creature perverting it's nature with dark magics. When he was sated, he had it slain. But Pazuzu got more than he had bargained for. After seven days and seven nights, the Phoenix was reborn. Twisted by it's torture and shaped by the evil of the abyss, it was no longer the same.

    The Phoenix was now Chaos incarnate. It lit fire to the layers of the abyss, leaving fire and ashes in it's wake. It's hatred, ironically, is what granted the modern day phoenixes their ability to revive. But every time a phoenix is reborn, it is a sign that Chaos Reborn is still alive, sewing destruction.


    It's sole purpose is to lay waste to all that is living and create a world of every burning fire.


    Neo Chaos
    Fire will cleanse the world.


    All casters gain a +2 to caster level when casting a spell with the [Fire] description if their alignment is chaotic. Conversely, any lawful casters take a -2 to caster level when casting a spell with the [Water] description.

    All demons on the plain must make a DC 16 will save or suffer the effects of a banishment spell. Any demon that makes the save and all chaotic evil creatures that have a demonic heritage suffer a -2 to all ability scores.

    The water begins to evaporate and any area within a mile of a large body of water takes 1d4 points of heat damage from steam per round. All demons and those with demonic heritage must now make the will save against banishment every round.

    Native outsiders with the demonic heritage are now subject to banishment as if their home plane was the abyss. The save for banishment is now increased to 24. After seven days, all creatures on the plane now take 1d8 points of heat damage in addition to any damage they take from steam.

    Malefic Property

    In addition to the normal malefic properties common to all Elder Evils, Chaos Reborn has Forced Combustion.

    Forced Combustion:
    Any creature that ventures within 100ft of Chaos Reborn is subjected to Forced Combustion and must make a Fortitude save of 10+1/2 Chaos Reborn's HD+ Chaos Reborn's Charisma modifier or catch fire. This does 2d8 points of fire damage per round and is not subject to any resistances or immunities.


    Upon manifesting, Chaos Reborn will begin to lay waste to the world in no apparent pattern. There is no plan, the world will simply burn. Chaos Reborn will stop once every seven days to take roost in the nearest volcano. If none are present, it will cause one to be created in the nearest mountain.

    If Chaos Reborn encounters any Phoenixes, it will twist and convert them into it's own harbingers of doom. They become wreathed in a dark flame and begin to spread the destruction on their own and are the only creatures immune to Chaos Reborn's various abilities.

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