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    Let's give this one a shot, see if I can do better than the Deity...

    The Hungering Void

    In the space between things exists a void. This much is common knowledge. Learned scholars believe that what fills this void is the substance of the Astral plane (Know: Planes, DC 25). If only this were the case. Rather, the Astral Plane is itself one of these "things", as are such concepts as space, time, good, evil, emotion, and thought. In the infinitesimal slivers where these things are not, there exists the Void... and the Void is hungry (Know: Planes, DC 35). It takes a very rare and hardy mind to perceive it without shattering instantly... and a MUCH tougher one to use it, bringing into the world its influence for their own gain.

    What even those hardy souls don't know is that there is a mind within the void, one which has existed since before the Gods were born. It is trapped, for all things cause it unbearable agony, but it is mighty indeed and twisted beyond the comprehension of gods and men (Know: Planes, DC 40). The one clear desire or drive ever perceived from it was nothing less than the utter annihilation of all of existance, so that its agonies would end. The poor prophet, whose name is now forgotten to history, spent the remaining week of his life suicidally insane... as did the telepath who wrenched the thought from him and managed to communicate it (Know: Planes DC45).

    Although the effects are imperceptably miniscule for now, users of the Void have begun to loosen the bonds that hold all of reality together. At its current rate, it would take hundreds of millenia to accomplish. Unfortunately, the more that it unravels, the more it lets the Void seep through, and the more people get a glimpse of the Void and use it (assuming they survive the first perception of it). Added to this, the Hungering Void has begun now to take notice of the effect. Its pain has decreased in a miniscule way for the first time in its long memory, and it sees a way to undo all that which has caused it agony. (Know: Planes DC 50)


    The Hungering Void hates all things, up to and including concepts which all intelligent life holds to be immutable truths of existance. It seeks to annihilate it all in order to end its agonies, though what it will do after even the memory of emotion is gone is a mystery. (Know: Planes DC 50)

    Intrusion of the Void
    All things become less vibrant, less effective, and less definite as it is invaded by the aching emptiness between all things. Colors become muted and measurements become less accurate. Emotion, hope, alignment, and even base thought are snuffed out, until even the memory of their existance is gone.

    Faint: Colors and emotions begin to wash out. All morale and alignment-based bonuses are reduced by one, while all numeric penalties are increased by one. All characters of a Void archetype count as being one level higher when calculating the effects of their class abilities.
    Moderate: Concepts become less concrete and measurements less definite. Any time a character travels more than a mile or takes longer than an hour at a task, the measurement of distance or time randomly increases or decreases by 1d10%. All creatures must make a Will save (DC 5) each day or have their convictions begin to erode. Failing three of these saves in a row causes one non-neutral component of their alignment to become neutral. Outsiders with alignment descriptors lose them if they become True Neutral. If already true Neutral, a creature failing three consecutive saves instead gains one permanent negative level. This is not derived from negative energy, and so affects even those normally immune. All effects from Faint are increased by one.
    Strong: Reality begins to unwind as the Hungering Void beings to truly intrude. Creatures can no longer receive Morale or Alignment-based bonuses, while all numeric penalties are doubled. The Will save DC increases to 10, and it only takes two consecutive failed saves to gain a negative level. Any creature that dies under this Sign dissolves into an aching, colorless emptiness over the course of the next five minutes and cannot be revived or contacted after, their soul annihilated. The holes in reality remain and are immobile, causing their space to be considered difficult terrain. The possible variance in time or distance increases to 1d20%, and can occur at distances over a half-mile and times of over a half-hour.
    Overwhelming: The holes in reality show their hunger. As Strong, plus all holes in reality of Small or larger size made under the influence of the Hungering Void gain a damaging aura. This deals 2d6 untyped damage each round to everything with five feet and 1d6 to everything between five and ten feet away. There is no save, and the damage ignores hardness, damage reduction, energy resistance, regeneration, and all other means of reduction or conversion to nonlethal. The Will save increases to 15, and it only takes one failed save to force an alignment change or gain a negative level. The possible variance in time and distance increases to 3d20%, and can occur at distances of over 100 feet and times of over ten minutes.

    Malefic Property:
    In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, The Hungering Void has Aura of Unmaking.

    Aura of Unmaking: All beings within range of this Malefic Property take 2d6 damage per round, as the Overwhelming sign. All healing is halved, and all spells, powers, and abilities from the Creation subschool or Metacreativity discipline are cast as though the caster were four levels lower. Any living thing or object within the range of this Malefic Property which dies or is destroyed becomes a hole in reality.

    The Hungering Void has no direct manifestation until the Overwhelming sign, at which point it will choose the largest hole in reality and come through at that size. It seeks only to annihilate all things, driven mad by its agonizing contact with all things real.

    Spoiler: Timeline
    EL 3 - Theoretical magi are coming to find a new source of power, utilizing one of the few resources not yet frequently tapped. The users of this Void Power have a disturbing trend of being slightly less than sane, and some band together into a cult of nihilistic destruction.

    EL 9 (faint sign) - More of these cults begin springing up across the plane as the use of the Void becomes more common and their power increases. One such cult seems to be everywhere, and the four at its core exist in a state of crystalline insanity, minds somehow functioning despite being so fractured that telepaths attempting to read them are driven insane themselves

    EL 13 (moderate sign) - A strange, detached attitude about morals and philosophy begins to spread, with concerned relatives bringing cases to psychologists and sanitariums in small but significant numbers. Small animals and the insane begin to die, their minds snuffed out like a candle under a jar. Merchants begin to suffer, as do scientists, alchemists, and others who depend on precision, as their careful calibrations and tight schedules start to slip. The Void cults grow in power as people care less and less to oppose them.

    EL 17 (strong sign) - Even the most devoted sometimes fall from their ideals, such as Paladins, Daevics, and Outsiders who have been on the plane for longer missions. Crusades and sieges falter, and riots break out where the iron fist of a tyrant finds itself loosened. Trade is becoming impossible, as quick trips become unpredictable. Sanitariums flood with more and more cases, and more people and larger animals begin to die. The dissolving forms of the dead begin to leave voids which become common before long. Some of the formerly-packed buildings of the victims collapse on themselves as the terrible voids harm the structure, and those that die from the falling order only spread the plague. The strongest cults have taken to slaughtering kidnapped victims where the voids will be most disruptive, such as the entryways of public buildings and across roads

    EL 19 (overwhelming sign) - At once, the holes in reality simultaneously begin to eat those nearby, rapidly spreading a colorless wasting as more and more creatures die. Now, even the plants and stones leave holes to spread as more and more falls into the cracks in reality. From the void where a mighty dragon died of the detachment, a horrible un-form steps. It is the Mind Within the Hungry Void, and it seeks to unmake all. If not stopped, all will be void in days.
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