Could someone give me a quick summary of the goings-on? It might help me figure out a good way to possibly introduce Chassis.

By the way, her so far.

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100-ish pounds?
Species: Majin
Station: Wanderer
Spoiler: Description
Chassis is a typical female Majin. Slender and with lavender skin, her eyes have bright yellow irises and black sclera. A set of tentacles gives the appearance of hair, sort of; on her upper arms are a series of coin-sized orifaces that vent steam when she is angry. She has no nose or ears.
Chassis dresses in grey pants tucked into black boots, a midfriff-baring (and yet long-sleeved) grey top, and a greenish shawl trimmed with white faux-fur. Over her pants she wears an asymmetrical greenish skirt secured at the right hip with a circular clasp with a pink sun design on it.

Spoiler: Personality
Chassis gives the impression of being extremely silly. How much of it is actual silliness and how much is a front is, as of yet, undetermined.
She seems to be fairly laid-back and silly.

Spoiler: History
Chassis's history, as she tells it, is thus: as an assistant in an experiment mapping at least two temporal disturbances, she was caught up in yet another temporal anomaly and arrived in the current timestream.

Spoiler: Story So Far

Spoiler: Abilities
Power Level: 110~
Change Beam: A versatile technique, the Change Beam is usually used by Majin to turn things into their preferred foods, but can cause its targets to become other things as well. Chassis is unable to transform sapient beings, but nonsapient creatures can be transformed if they're not too big.

Vanishing Bolt: A narrow bolt of pink energy, more or less like a Ki blast.

Assault Spray: A spray of smaller bits of pink energy in a shotgun-like cone.
In mundane terms, Chassis is quite charming and is quite accomplished at getting along with people. She's not too bad at lying---though sometimes because people decide to roll with the lie more than actually believing it.

Spoiler: Miscellaneous